No election for Alderley Edge Parish Council


Elections are taking place on 4th May for Borough, Town, Parish and Community Councils in Cheshire East.

However there will be no election for Alderley Edge Parish Council as it is uncontested.

There are nine seats available on Alderley Edge Parish Council and only nine candidates put themselves forward.

All nine candidates are representing Alderley Edge First, a group which formed a few months prior to the 2015 election, in order to challenge the current Alderley Edge Parish Council members, where they achieved a comprehensive victory.

Therefore the following will become Parish Councillors on 9th May:

  • Ali Bates
  • Louise Booth
  • Craig Browne *
  • Bev Chapman *
  • Vince Fogarty *
  • Myles Garbett *
  • Rachael Grantham *
  • Kristina Hulme
  • Shabina Raja

* Current councillor.

The following current members of Alderley Edge Parish Council have decided not to re-stand:

  • Cllr Mike Dudley-Jones
  • Cllr Sarah Greenwood
  • Cllr Liz Marshall
  • Cllr Karen Robinson

Alderley Edge residents will therefore only be voting for who they wish to represent the Alderley Edge ward on Cheshire East Council on May 4th, when they will have the choice of three candidates.

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Alan Brough
Tuesday 11th April 2023 at 8:38 am
I'm sure I speak for many in registering my appreciation of the hard work, drive and vision of Mike Dudley-Jones in driving forward "Alderley Edge First" at a time when it was sorely needed. His tireless work both behind the scenes and in "fronting-up" some difficult issues has been absolutely central in making Alderley Edge a more pleasant place to live.

Have a very happy sabbatical Mike!
Geoff Hall
Tuesday 11th April 2023 at 7:35 pm
I'd like to echo Alan Brough's thanks to Mike Dudley-Jones. I had the pleasure to work with Mike on the Parish Council for five years from 2015. Mike's contribution to the village has been immense - visibly in the form of the new village planters, the new village signs (which garnered him some unexpected national press coverage!), as well as more recently the Jubilee memorial gates in the park. Behind the scenes Mike has also supported valuable initiatives like the MUGA for the primary school.

Mike's dedication, good judgement, humour and exceptional generosity will be greatly missed.
Pete Taylor
Thursday 13th April 2023 at 1:30 pm
Congratulations on your return to office, Alderley First.
No Conservatives brave enough to stand, yet they snipe from the sidelines.
Also none standing in Handforth and the few in Wilmslow are standing as Local Conservatives, ashamed to be associated with the Westminster fiascos I suppose.