Barlow's Beef: The old boy network is dead it's time to bring on the girls


What an incredible year 2016 turned out to be. Having spent half my life in the USA I thought I understood the culture well enough to predict the obvious. I was sure public dalliance with Mr Trump would evaporate once the serious business of electing a President got under way.

Come on who would actually elect a dangerous, misogynistic President with absolutely zero political experience? It just wasn't going to happen.

How wrong was I?

My abiding opinion on the Love it or Leave it European referendum was that we were too far down the line to opt out. I wanted to remain in with some amendments to the relationship, which I believed David Cameron would achieve on his pre-referendum tour of member states.

Not for one minute did I think he would be sent home empty handed by leaders too stubborn to listen to the growing unrest at their arrogance.

Wrong again.

Let us hope that all people of all persuasions can put their differences aside in the coming months and work together towards a secure and peaceful future. The alternative is too dreadful to contemplate.

Maybe the true spirit of Christmas will help heal the rifts in our midst?

Personally I'm hoping to see far more women in positions of power. The Old Boy network is way past its sell-by date. The first bank that has a female majority on the board of directors will get all my business.

The Boys Club had their chance. We know what they can do and who they can do it to and they are no longer fit for purpose. Bring on the girls.

I really would like to see a lot more (smart) women in positions of political power. I suspect they would be a lot less gung-ho about inflicting the sort of mayhem we have seen since we 'liberated' Iraq.

There appears to be a good many 'retired' executives both male and female eager to volunteer their expertise to good causes. Why not employ their talent and experience for the good of society in public services.

They would have no need to 'play politics' or massage the performance figures. God knows the NHS could use some help.

Maybe instead of £250K chief executives councils could tap the expertise of retired senior execs happy to contribute their services? As you NEVER hear of a council that isn't in financial dire straights it has to be worth a try.

If ever there was a time for us to think outside the box this is it.

Wishing you all a truly wonderful Christmas.

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Barlows Beef, Vic Barlow