Barlow's Beef: No sign of any action on dangerous parking


Any idea what the above sign means?

Evenings around 5:30pm I drive along Hawthorn Street only to find a couple of vehicles illegally parked outside the take away reducing the road to single lane traffic.

I've been travelling this route for several years and Hawthorn Street is always blocked at the same point. Given that Wilmslow police station is less than a couple of hundred meters away one would have thought they might show some interest.

It's not as though Cheshire Police need someone to report it. Their officers must drive through the same obstruction a dozen times a day.

Cheshire East Council, who are responsible for general parking infringements, care not one jot. Let's see what happens when their negligence is blamed for an accident that is clearly 'waiting to happen.'

Whilst the authorities love to cite 'safety' when introducing speed cameras and traffic wardens they show no interest in more remote danger spots that produce very little revenue.

Observe the current number of restrictions and contra-flows due to unmanned road works. These obstructions clearly represent a 'safety' issue but managing contractors to prompt completion of work is just too time consuming with no financial pay-off whatsoever.

Whilst we are on the subject ask Cheshire Police how many cyclists have been prosecuted for failing to stop at a red light (a highly dangerous but common manoeuvre).

You won't need a calculator to arrive at the total. Why?

Cyclists are more difficult to prosecute so police can't be bothered. It may save lives but it won't raise any significant revenue.

All that talk about installing 'safety' cameras to prevent accidents was hot air. They are there primarily to raise revenue with the least expenditure.

Take a look at some of rural Cheshire's really dangerous country roads. If they don't have enough traffic to improve cash flow cameras will not be installed.

For those of us who run the gauntlet of the rush-hour contra flow on Hawthorn Street it's just a matter of time before a serious accident occurs. With Wilmslow police station so close and CEC's publicly funded army of traffic wardens available the tabloids will have a field day.

I wonder how they will find out?

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James Peters
Tuesday 21st July 2015 at 11:59 am
The sign is quite clear, no parking between the times listed above. All other times parking is permitted.

As far as i'm aware, the police don't get involved as it isn't dangerous and isn't a police issue. Because there are lines it is generally a council issue.
Jonathan Savill
Tuesday 21st July 2015 at 4:27 pm
Yep, the sign is clear and understandable; difficult to know how anyone could misinterpret it's contents.

I wonder, in a direct appeal to motorists could they consider doing the following:

1) Read the sign
2) Pause for thought to comprehend the contents
3) Check their watch to note the current time
4) Does the current time (see 3 above) fall into either of the two time bands detailed on the sign (see 2 above) if it does park somewhere else with no such restriction. (note - this may involve you walking a little to pick up your takeaway - don't panic this is normal human behaviour).

That we we won't have to burden any public sector agencies with petty tasks like reminding the motorist they failed to carry out the simple steps above.

Come to think of it would the motorists also consider:

5) Looking at the yellow writing on the road spelling the words "Bus stop" and going on to think "hello - that says bus stop, i'm in a car, perhaps I shouldn't park there".
6) Observe the raised sections at either side of the road called pavements, perhaps remembering that those are for pedestrians and park fully on the road instead.
7) I could go on ...........

In other words could motorists themselves solve the problem (cheaper all round) by being a little less,well, slack jawed in their approach to motoring?

Just a thought, rant over.
Carol Chadwick
Tuesday 28th July 2015 at 5:04 pm
The same restrictions are outside Waitrose in Wilmslow. The area is always full of parked cars and I have never seen one booked. The single yellow line is a clue to read the sign.