Work begins to make parking restrictions enforceable


A programme of works will be carried out in the village centre starting on Sunday, 18th May, to ensure that the parking restrictions are enforceable on London Road and the side streets.

Works will commence at 6am on Sunday, to repaint the lines on London Road, between Macclesfield Road and Heyes Lane.

James Howard, Parking Services Manager attended a recent meeting of Alderley Edge Traders Action Group where he told them "A very high priority for me is actually put everything right in Alderley Edge that's not right.

"In order to enforce something you need three things. You need a legal order, you need the correct lines and you need correct signs. Just about the only two streets in Alderley Edge that meet all those criteria at the moment are Clifton Street and Stevens Street. The whole of London Road is unenforceable."

He added "Highways need to put up the missing signs, repaint the bays where they need painting and they need to do all the maintenance to bring it up to standard. There are not enough signs.

"Highways have got a plan to start putting things right this month. I want to make sure they know absolutely everything that needs putting right because what you want on London Road is a turnover of vehicles so somebody will come to a shop, spend an hour or whatever it takes to have a look round and then move on so somebody else can take that space. What you don't want on London Road is vehicles parking all day and leaving no space for people that want to look in the shops."

Speaking at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 12th May, Cllr Frank Keegan said "It will be the whole of London Road, signs and lines back in place, including the six spaces outside the Bar & Grill which will come under control of the parking wardens."

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Fenton Simpson
Friday 16th May 2014 at 10:02 pm
They had better remove the sign pointing to festival hall as a pay and display car park. It's near the de Trafford.
Mike Norbury
Tuesday 20th May 2014 at 2:16 pm
I hope they are going to re do the yellow lines etc around Davey lane and horseshoe lane and begin fining the ignorant school runners who make this area of the village so dangerous for all road users and pedestrians. the girl school has done nothing to stop their pupils parents from illegally parking and causing an obstruction over the last few terms .
James MacDonald
Thursday 22nd May 2014 at 10:03 pm
Mike, you are totally inaccurate. As a parent of children at the girls school, I can confirm that parents regularly receive reminders asking drivers not to park illegally. Some never listen and probably never will. I don't condone this. However, just to balance your argument somewhat you can walk down almost every road in the borough and the rest of England and you will see illegally parked vehicles on most. It sickens me but what can you do if other people don't care?
I don't have any authority to fine them, clamp the vehicles, tow them away, etc. Drivers are responsible for their behavior, no one else. We shouldn't make excuses for them.
Elaine Napier
Saturday 24th May 2014 at 4:50 pm
I can't remember where I saw it, but recently read a suggestion that a rooftop car park on the extended Waitrose store might be helpful. I think that's a great idea (though have no idea if it is structurally possible). If it were possible, perhaps organisations with an interest in parking provision, the Festival Hall car park, the allotments, and any one of the councils which rule over the residents of the area might find it appropriate to help Waitrose with the funding since these organisations would undoubtedly benefit.

A great shame that none of the planners who considered the Waitrose development thought of the rooftop car park idea. I'm criticising no-one, don't seek to upset anyone, just passing on what seems to me like a good idea. If it was your idea, my apologies for borrowing it without permission!