Opinion: Reclaim our pavements

Let's solve the parking problem by converting the pavements to a car park - oh, we already did!

There has been much comment by members over possible solutions to the parking problems in the village, but it seems some canny motorists have solved the problems themselves - just use the pavement! Let's not worry about the pedestrians, they can use the road.

I wish I was joking but unfortunately I am not. In the past week alone I have been astounded by the totally selfish attitude of motorists to parking in the village. The parking on Clifton Street on Thursday 20 September around 4pm and Friday 21 September around 3pm was appalling.

Cars parked on the double yellow lines, totally blocking the pavement and dangerously close to the junction with London Road. Not just a couple but I counted five all at the same time. This made it dangerous for cars turning into Clifton Street and impossible for pedestrians.

Yes, I do know there are pavements on both sides of the road, but on the side where there are marked bays the pavement is very narrow, and impossible to tackle with a pushchair and I dread to think what you are supposed to do with a double buggy or wheel chair? Oh yes, that's right, go in the road.

Some of the vehicles had drivers sat in them and there were parking spaces further down Clifton Street. But it was damp, and we can't expect drivers to get wet can we? Pedestrians killed, no problem, but drivers wet! Heaven forbid!

Then today we had the school buses parked down Ryleys Lane. Again mounted on the pavement and obscuring a junction. Needless to say this occurred at a time when the road was busy with school traffic both on foot and by vehicle.

Apparently when challenged the driver parked at the junction with Church Lane and Ryleys Lane responded that he had been told to park at the girl's school entrance on Ryleys Lane (presumably by AESG?). So it seems now that as well as converting the village pavements to a car park AESG has a new entrance! Unless I am wrong the entrance to AESG is on Brook Lane.

And then finally, today at approximately 4pm an ambulance was making it's way out of the village on London Road towards Wilmslow. The traffic duly moved over as the ambulance, siren blazing, came through followed closely by another apparently normal vehicle (ie not emergency services) with a driver who was obviously far too important to wait in line in the traffic queues resulting from the closure of the bypass. I ask you.

Before moving to Alderley we lived in London. Traffic was a nightmare. Parking was a nightmare. Whenever possible you walked (even if it meant you did get wet!) You didn't park your car on a yellow line as you would get a ticket. You didn't park you car with your wheels on the pavement as you would get a ticket. If you parked your car so that it obscured the pavement for pedestrians you got towed away. You wouldn't have chased after an ambulance in you car, for you knew if you did, the likelihood was you would be needing an ambulance yourself.

When we moved here I didn't think people would be riding through the village in cart and horses and penny farthings, but I did think motorists would show common courtesy to fellow road users (pedestrians included) and obey the highway code and law.

Come on residents and businesses of Alderley Edge, claim your village back.

The pavement is for people (and sitting drinking coffee on, of course)!

This is a member post by Yasmin Din.

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Jackie Sheridon
Thursday 27th September 2012 at 8:13 am
It’s not just cars parking on the pavement; there is a blatant flouting of the law with cars driving down Clifton Street the wrong way.
Sarah Lane
Thursday 27th September 2012 at 6:09 pm
I think those that are guilty should be made to either push a wheelchair or be pushed in a wheelchair and walk down the pavement when the cars are parked in this way. Only then will they see and realise just how difficult if not impossible it is to get around. You can tell them till you are blue in the face but it will continue to mean nothing, when faced with their selfish actions in a way they can (hopefully) understand better it 'might' just change their habits. I won't hold my breath with some though, some are beyond understanding how their actions impact on others.
Vikki Malcolm
Friday 28th September 2012 at 4:42 pm
We also encountered an issue with double parking on Ryleys lane which resulted in a collision with the school grounds keeper who argued with us in the street holding up all the traffic. We had two small children in the back of the car and obviously weren't looking to be in a crash situation. Sadly this cost us nearly £90 for a new tyre, thankfully it was nothing worse!

It's a real shame as I really like popping into alderley for a wander round the shops and a trip to the park but lack of parking usually puts me off and the park there is excellent but when the car park is predominantly used by commuters there are rarely spaces.
Hannah Davies
Saturday 29th September 2012 at 3:03 pm
The parking in the village is absolutely ridiculous (especially Congleton Road)! Seemingly nobody gives any consideration to consequences as they step out of their 4x4.

However, I also find it pretty ridiculous that so many people feel that the village isn't accessible without a parking spot! If only walking was still deemed a suitable method of transport...
Sally Hirst
Saturday 29th September 2012 at 4:16 pm
I don't think Ken is the driver...but Ken's coach is parked most week days next to the pedestrian crossing on Ryleys Lane, and yes he too feels happy to ignore the yellow line whilst waiting for the Alderley Girls School pupils. Where is this entrance from that school onto Ryleys? Ken could park on London Road as there are no restrictions other than the bus stop and pedestrian crossing.
James MacDonald
Saturday 29th September 2012 at 8:59 pm
As a parent of girls at AESG, I can confirm that the school regularly remind parents to park legally and responsibly. However, as you know the school, you, me and most people have no authority to punish drivers that park illegally. Even worse some go unpunished by the authorities when they have the opportunity to fine them and give them a warning instead. There was a story about this not long ago on this site which attracted a large number of comments.

In my view motorists park illegally because a) they don't care and b) low chance of being caught by the relevant authorities. I'd like to see driving points awarded for illegal parking and community service, both of which would have a far bigger impact than a fine.
Karen Robinson
Sunday 30th September 2012 at 9:27 pm
I suggest that instead of volunteers to do speed camaras we should be able to volunteer to do parking tickets! I would and I would make a fortune for cheshire east. Especially on Brook Lane at 15.30. How there hasn't be a smash on the corner there as people park where they want no matter how close to the junction!
Terry Bowes
Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 12:59 pm
Quite agree Karen,it's like people don't have legs any more,!!
Claire MacLeod
Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 1:22 pm
James's suggestion is a really sensible one. The people who park (usually their Chelsea tractors) without any consideration for other road users wouldn't bat an eye at a fine, no matter how steep. But points on their licenses or community service would have an impact and probably be very effective as a deterant. I also like Karen's suggestion and would like to volunteer myself to ticket the numerous cars parked illegally on Davey Lane at 8.30 and 15.30 every week day. You and I could have a competition, Karen!