Black bags and other rubbish


I've recently moved onto Brook Lane and am astounded at the number of little black bags (that presumably contain dog mess) strewn in the road, on walls, hanging from hedges and thrown into gardens (mine quite often). Admittedly there are no bins whatsoever along the length of Brook Lane.

I recently wrote to East Cheshire Council requesting bins along Brook Lane. Caroline Yoxall, Senior Scenescape Officer for East Cheshire Council, replied that they are "very restricted in funds for the purchase of dog and litter bins but I do take on board your comments and will speak to the community wardens to see if they can arrange for a patrol of this area to take place to educate dog owners to clear up after themselves and take the waste home."

She also added "Brook Lane is scheduled to receive a regular litter pick on a weekly basis and I will ask the team leader to ensure that dog fouling and those deposited in bags are cleaned up when the litter pick takes place."

To be honest, I've yet to see any 'litter pick' in the area over the last 3-4 weeks and the same little black bags remain (plus beer cans & cigarette packets etc.) A weekly litter clear up seems a tragic waste of resources when litter can quite simply be taken home.

Brook Lane will not be the only street victim to litter in Alderley Edge so I'd just to say - "come on, take your rubbish home!"

This a member post from Dawn Kelly.

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