General Election 2024: Nigel Hennerley - Green Party candidate for Tatton

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Electors will have the choice of five candidates when they take to the polls on Thursday, 4th July.

The deadline for the nomination of candidates for the General Election has now passed and the following five candidates have been confirmed as standing in the Tatton constituency:

  • Nigel Hennerley – Green Party
  • Ryan Jude – Labour Party
  • Esther McVey – Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Oliver George Speakman - Reform UK
  • Jonathan Smith – Liberal Democrats

I have contacted all five candidates and will be publishing articles for those who respond in the order in which they do so.

Nigel Hennerley has been selected to stand as the Green Party candidate for Tatton in next month's General Election.

Nigel has been living in High Legh near Knutsford for 25 years with his wife Helen and works as an Insurance Loss Assessor. He serves as a Parish Councillor in High Legh and was a General Election Candidate for Tatton in 2017 and 2019.

Speaking about why he decided to stand as the Green Party candidate for Tatton he told

"I first became aware of environmental issues back in 1982 when studied Jeremy Rifkin and Entropy. The mistake I made back then when I was twenty was that I thought we were heading for real problems in future generations.

"I realised thirty years later that we are living through the crisis now and that the time for action is here and now.

"Long story short, I decided to join the Green Party as I had spoken to many local MPs and Councilors and it was clear that there was little or no real understanding of the risks that we face. Local MPs were in support of fracking in Cheshire, little understanding on climate change or how to tackle the problems we face.

"In 2019 I gave an information event to the leaders of Cheshire East Council attended by forty councillors ahead of the release of their Environmental Strategy.

"Today I am a member of the National Green Party Climate Emergency Policy Working Group and we work to inform the green party policy and our manifesto for this election regards climate change.

"As a Parish Councillor in High Legh I chair our climate and environment working group with fourteen other members of the community. Together we encourage change and take action for our environment."

He continued "A vote for the Green Party is not a wasted vote! Without you demanding change it will be more business as usual, more oil and gas from the Conservatives and a Labour Party who will not stop it. This will be your opportunity to influence policy for all, our planet, our environment, a more sustainable future, a fairer society.

"Voters are increasingly turning to the Greens because we offer a real alternative, with sensible and practical policies to tackle local and national issues such as the cost of living, the housing crisis, underfunded and run-down public services and the terrible state of our rivers.

"Labour has cut its green investment plans by half, confirming the biggest and most controversial U-turn of Keir Starmer's leadership. By voting Labour we are saying that we are okay with this, with a large majority Labour will be encouraged to do less of the real change for a truly sustainable economy. Only by voting Green can we influence the change we need.

Nigel added "As a Member of Parliament I would oppose the Rwanda Bill and protect vulnerable asylum seekers, support our NHS by properly funding it, and secure the investment necessary to prevent climate catastrophe.

"As the appointed Vice Chair of a prominent social housing provider Voice Panel I represent the interests of social housing tenants across the North West, and work to raise standards in the sector. This has given me a very important insight into the sector and how to improve and support providing much needed safe secure homes going forward."

Nigel gave evidence evidence on three occasions to the Commons Select Committee hearings against HS2 and presented a report to the Prime Minister shortly before its cancellation.

Articles announcing the other candidates standing in the General Election on July 4th will be published shortly and will all be tagged below 'General Election 2024'.

General Election 2024


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Andy Brown
Monday 10th June 2024 at 11:30 am
He won't be getting my vote that's for sure.

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