New signs to highlight 30mph limit

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In order to raise awareness of the 30mph speed limit, Alderley Edge Parish Council has funded the installation of some "30" mph signs on the lamp columns on Wilmslow Road.

Four signs have been installed along this stretch of road at a cost of £82.

Councillor Craig Browne explained "Through the work of our Community Speedwatch Team, we have identified Wilmslow Road as one location that would benefit from improved signage to highlight the existing 30mph limit, which changed from 40mph when the road was downgraded following the opening of the Alderley Edge bypass in 2011.

"The issue was also raised by a resident at last year's Annual Parish Meeting and whilst it isn't always possible to respond positively to individual requests, on this occasion the Speedwatch Data (which has on occasions recorded more than a vehicle a minute exceeding the speed threshold) helped to provide extra justification for the spend.

He added "We have also recently approved the ordering of a replacement Speed Indicator Device (SID) on Congleton Road, as the current one has not worked for some time and further investigation has established that it is more cost effective to purchase a new SID instead (the existing one is at least 6 years old)."

The new SID, which has arrived, cost £2115.



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Paul Wardle
Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 2:10 pm
Waste of money. I regularly walk through the village where it is supposed to be 20mph!! Almost every driver ignores those signs as well as the 30 mph ones. Unless the limits are enforced properly nothing will change.

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