Reader's Letter: A34 problem path - Update

Last November, I wrote to express my frustration about the condition of the shared use path on the A34 opposite Alderley Park South Entrance.

Until January this year, The Highways Department at Cheshire East Council continued to deny that it was dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists to use the very narrow strip of pavement whilst vehicles whizzed past close alongside, travelling legally at a speed of up to 50mph.

Since June 2021, I had been requesting that the overgrown hedge and matted ground vegetation be cleared so that the whole width of the path was available to use.

I am pleased to report that the ground vegetation was cleared last week by CEC staff, thanks to the intervention of Councillor Chris Hilliard who is Walking and Cycling Champion on the Council. A few hours finishing the job with my secateurs has finally made the path usable.

Helen Battilana

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Tony Haluradivth
Thursday 29th February 2024 at 12:45 pm
Thankyou Helen for your persistence, as someone (despite my advanced age) who likes to walk a lot..this problem with pavements crowded out by unfettered foliage, thorns, shrubs weeds etc is a real peeve of mine. Glad you got a result xx
David Smith
Tuesday 5th March 2024 at 2:44 pm
The hedge still looks a bit low and overhanging further down though Helen/Chris?
It's the same in many locations.
Along Manchester Road in Wilmslow from Styal Road down towards the Bollin there is a hint of a pavement on the right hand side and on the opposite side of the road a narrow pavement greatly reduced in width because of the encroaching vegetation, mainly from land belonging to the waterworks.
This is the sort of danger that we residents need to pass on to our local councillor who in turn uses their contacts and 'authority' to ensure the pavements are made as safe as possible.
Along this stretch of road go many children to/from schools in Wilmslow and many mothers pushing buggies between Wilmslow and Handforth.
Neil Carr
Monday 11th March 2024 at 6:45 pm
Try and walk two abreast almost anywhere on Moss Lane.
Most of the hedges encroach substantially onto the pavement but the hedge on the corner of Talbot Road and Moss Lane will overhang the whole pavement in a couple of years.
Why does the council turn a blind eye to our pavements and footpaths?

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