A bittersweet New Year for local charity

2024 marks the 40th anniversary of Wilmslow Wells for Africa. In addition to the regular events, celebrations will include a concert in June and publication of a book telling the story of the charity.

Through the generosity and enterprise of local people, over £1.65m has been raised over the last 40 years through either donations or fundraising activities such as the popular Gardens Day at the end of June. Because the charity is totally volunteer run, overheads are minimal and 99.3% of that money has been invested in over 350 separate projects across 23 different African countries. As a result, the lives of at least 650,000 people living in remote rural communities have been transformed.

In 2023, twenty separate projects were completed providing access to fresh water and improved sanitation which not only brings great health benefits but also means that the many hours spent each day, usually by women and children, walking to a distant and frequently polluted water source and then carrying the heavy load back home are saved and can be used for beneficial activities such as education or agriculture.

However, this New Year has a bittersweet tinge because our Treasurer and one of the four Trustees for the last twenty-five years, Roger Goddard, is moving away and so has resigned.

As the Chairman, David Cash said: "Roger has played a fundamental role in the development of Wilmslow Wells and been at the heart of all its activities. His financial expertise, enthusiasm for the cause and unerring dependability have been invaluable qualities to us. We will miss him greatly and are very grateful for the enormous contribution he has made.

"The Trustees are delighted to announce that Nick Longson has agreed to replace Roger as Treasurer and became a Trustee on 1 st January 2024. Like Roger, Nick is a chartered accountant. He has been a regular supporter of Wilmslow Wells having lived here for many years and I am delighted to welcome him to the team."

Photo: Water supply in a Ugandan Village provided in collaboration with JEGMI (Joint Efforts for Green Mountain Initiative). Nick Longson.


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