Plans for affordable housing on green belt site

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An outline planning application has been submitted for a development of nine affordable dwellings and associated work on land adjacent to Jenny Heyes, off Heyes Lane.

The undeveloped site land lies north of Whitehall Brook, south of Jenny Heyes and east of Heyes Lane.

If the application were to be approved, a subsequent planning application would be required to provide details of access, design and appearance of the proposed dwellings.

Councillor Craig Browne said "The location of the proposed development sits within the green belt; however, planning policies allow green belt development to be considered when exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated; a development of exclusively affordable housing is one of these exceptional circumstances and therefore the proposals cannot be automatically dismissed as "inappropriate development within the green belt".

"As the proposed development site lies outside the Ward Boundary, the policies within the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan do not apply and we shall have to rely on policies within the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan in order to either object to the proposals, or ensure that the most appropriate development possible at this location is delivered."

He added "I am of the opinion that there are several areas where the development proposals do not comply with the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Plan, particularly Policy TH1 (ribbon development at gateway or entrance sites), Policy PR3 (connectivity to a safe and accessible pedestrian network), and Policy TA4 (connectivity to safe and well-lit sustainable travel routes for walking and cycling)."

The plans can be viewed on Cheshire East Planning Portal by searching for planning reference 23/4024M. The deadline for submitting comments is Tuesday 5th December and the planning application will be called in for consideration by Northern Planning Committee.



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David Carey
Sunday 19th November 2023 at 12:21 pm
Here we go again wanting to build on precious green belt.

Pardon me for being cynical, but is there such a thing as true affordable housing in AE or Wilmslow and I hope using this intention is not being used to get around the fact it is green belt?

From a safety point allowing access onto Heyes Lane on this bend of the road as the speed drivers approach from both sides is dangerous at all times of the day.

Lastly, if it ever did get the go ahead then I am sure it will open the floodgates for further applications to build using the same type of criteria from a well known builder.
Jon Williams
Sunday 19th November 2023 at 5:23 pm
"Affordable housing" = 20 % Social Housing

Narrow road near blind bend with no footpath, of course C/E will pass it !