School children receive a visit from local MP


All the children in Alderley Edge Community Primary School have been joining in UK National Parliament Week which is an annual activity spreading the word about what Parliament is, what it does and how people can get involved.

This year, UK Parliament Week took place in the same week as the State Opening of Parliament.

Alderley Edge Primary School children have been learning all about democracy, Parliament and the rule of law. as well as how to debate and express their views whilst also challenging other people's points of view respectfully.

As part of the activities all the classes have also been holding secret ballots and voting on important issues such as 'Should primary school children have homework?' – a very contentious issue for children!

To bring the week to a close, Mrs Walsh (Head Teacher) and the School Councillors were delighted to be joined by Ms Esther McVey, MP for Tatton. Ms McVey toured the school and met all the children. In a meeting with the School Councillors, she was asked challenging questions about the work of an MP and the local issues she felt were the top of her political agenda.

Ms McVey explained that maintaining the high quality of services and protecting the environment in the local area were considered important to local people and therefore an important focus for her.

Mrs Walsh, Head Teacher, said, "Learning about democracy and Parliament is important for young people as it is a great opportunity for children to learn how they can make a difference on issues that are important to them as well as find out more about our country's history. Listening to the views of our children will help shape a better future for us all."


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