Alderley Edge prepares to commemorate Remembrance Day


The Alderley Edge Remembrance service will be held on Sunday, 12th November, in the grounds behind the Cenotaph at St Philips and St James Church.

The service will commence at 3pm and will include the wreath laying ceremony, a two minutes silence and a roll call of all the names on the war memorial including a reading.

Councillor Rachael Grantham said "Our very good friend Pauline Pitt, who sadly passed away earlier this year, worked tirelessly with the support of a small but very committed team to ensure we provided a remembrance service in Alderley Edge each year.

"It was very important to her that we continue the poppy appeal and remembrance service when she wasn't around anymore and we will do just that. We miss you Pauline.

"It's a very important day for us all to remember, and also teach our younger generations about the sacrifices men and women made for our country. So it would be fantastic to see the church full with our residents."

On completion of the service the Union Club will be open for refreshments.

Alderley Edge Remembrance Day, Remembrance Day


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Andy Brown
Monday 6th November 2023 at 11:09 am
We will remember them.
Robin Pye
Thursday 9th November 2023 at 7:37 pm
I once attended prayers at a war memorial and a Rabbi who was present said a prayer I have never forgotten. He prayed that God would keep us always mindful that people who are not like us are people like us.

My experience of taking services on Remembrance Sunday over the years has taught me that people attend them for a variety of reasons. As Cllr Grantham says, people come to remember the sacrifices made for our country. For members of the armed forces community, there is often a desire to acknowledge and respect the readiness to sacrifice their lives that members of the armed forces have committed to. Then there are people who come to process the trauma they themselves have experienced as a result of war. And alongside them there are many more people carrying sacred memories of the suffering of previous generations. And then there are the people who want to pray for peace in the context of wars that are happening right now.

Right now, the eyes of the world are focussed on what is happening in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank and it is painful to watch. In recent days it has suited some politicians’ purposes to present those people who are especially affected by the suffering of the Palestinian people, and are calling for a ceasefire, as being somehow opposed to or juxtaposed to people who might want to attend a service at a cenotaph of war memorial this weekend. In fact, the two groups of people overlap. But because of the tension that has been stoked up in recent days I want to make it especially clear this year that everybody is welcome to the service at the cenotaph, including people who want to pray for peace, because prayers for peace will be included this year as they are every year.

The service does not take place in church and there will not be a sermon. It is designed to be a service that is accessible to the widest possible range of people. If you are hurting because of what is happening in the Holy Land, please consider coming. Or maybe bring people whom you know are hurting. I would ask anybody tempted to bring a Palestinian or Israeli flag not to do so in recognition of the fact that these flags may be triggering for other people in the community. We will, in any case be flying the Union flag which has its own complex history but will serve on Sunday as a flag of unity.

Every year I look at the order of service for Remembrance Sunday and wonder how all the different sentiments and ideas that people bring to the service can possibly be reconciled. And yet, after the service, I always get the feeling that somehow they have been reconciled. May we always remember that people who are not like us are people like us. It is when we remember this that God will guide us in the paths of peace.
David Hadfield
Sunday 12th November 2023 at 5:37 pm
It was only a few years ago when the Alderley Scouts Band headed the parade and marched from their Scout Hut to the church, via London Road.
Why has that stopped ?
it was an important part of village life, especially around Remembrance Sunday, so can someone arrange for it to be re-instated for 2024 please ?

Secondly, why is the Remembrance Sunday church service held at 15.00.hrs. in the afternoons, when most other church services throughout the country, including the Cenotaph in London, are held at in the mornings ?