Gas works could be closed down due to safety issues

Cheshire East Council is considering shutting down some gas works currently taking place in the village due to concerns over safety.

Councillor Craig Browne raised concerns with Cheshire East Highways about the professionalism of work currently being carried out by Cadent Gas on the Bollinfields Estate.

As a result officers inspected the works and have identified a number of high risk failures and will now be submitting non compliances and fixed penalty notices for failing to adhere to the required permit conditions on site.

Councillor Craig Browne explained "A number of residents of the Bollinfields Estate had contacted me to express concern in relation to the works currently being carried out by Cadent, as a result of which I carried out a site inspection and found extensive damage to grass verges and roundabouts at Beech Road, Beech Close and Wood Gardens, in particular.

"It also appeared to me that appropriate diversions had not been put in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians, at locations where it had been necessary for Cadent to dig up the footways. Similarly, where metal plates had been temporarily laid over the road surface, it appeared that these had not been laid safely or correctly (see attached photo).

"I raised these concerns with officers from Cheshire East Highways, who immediately carried out a professional site investigation. That investigation identified three high risk failures that required an immediate response, as well as multiple examples of non-compliance with the required permit conditions on site, resulting in Fixed Penalty Notices being issued. Unless and until assurances are received from Cadent in relation to their safety practices, specifically with regard to pedestrian and vehicle management, Cheshire East Highways are considering closing down the site."

Additionally, he expressed concerns about the closing of the footway on Eaton Drive, close to the entrance of Alderley Edge Community Primary School, which is well-used walking route to the school.

Councillor Browne added "Whilst I think everyone appreciates that private companies will from time to time find it necessary to replace their existing infrastructure, every effort should be made to ensure pedestrian safety (especially child safety) is not compromised. Going forward, I have been promised daily visits by Cheshire East Highways Network Manager to ensure compliance by Cadent Gas with the terms of their highways permit.

"As we are heading towards the winter months, grass verges are a particular focus for the Network Management team and Cheshire East Highways will work with contractors to ensure these aren't damaged. If they do still get damaged, then the contractors will repair via the defect processes we have in place within the West and Shires Permit scheme framework and national legislation."



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Jon Williams
Thursday 19th October 2023 at 2:59 pm
Damage to the grass verges and the mini grass roundabout have now been repaired and I was told by a senior workman that they do this job last anyway.
Stephen Maynard
Thursday 19th October 2023 at 7:15 pm
Cheshire East Safety Officers should go down Beech Lane in Wilmslow - similar kind of set up no passage way for pedestrians other than over private land
Diana Bullock
Friday 20th October 2023 at 9:49 am
I have no complaints about the workmen. They worked very efficiently near my home and everything was replaced in my garden as if nothing had been disturbed. They were very pleasant to deal with.
David Carey
Friday 20th October 2023 at 1:12 pm
Poor workmanship leaving a piece of metal sticking up in the road. Dangerous to cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Sums up Cadent obviously no care for what they do why drive across roundabouts and grass verges just poor workmamship.
David Carey
Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 7:27 am
Metal sticking up looks dangerous to me for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Why destroy grass verges and roundabouts its just pointless.
Jennifer Morris
Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 6:55 pm
I would like to agree with the comments made by Diana. These works have been conducted with great care, and the workmen have been nothing but pleasant and helpful when I have had questions for them.