The Tatton candidates explained


In less than a week the 2010 General Election will take place and we will have the opportunity to vote for our Tatton MP.

To help make you aware of your options we contacted the five candidates competing for the Tatton seat and asked them all to provide some personal information, along with details of the five priorities they are focusing on in their campaign and five reasons why you should vote for them. Below are their responses, in their own words. 

George Osborne Conservative

  • Born London
  • Age 38
  • I have a home near Macclesfield
  • Married to Frances with 2 children
  • Educated at St Paul’s School and Oxford University
  • Occupation MP for Tatton since 2001
  • Hobbies & Interests: Walking in the Peak District and taking the kids to the Gourmet Burger Kitchen

The five priorities I am focusing on in my campaign are:

  • Supporting the local health service. I was involved in the local campaign to stop Labour closing the Maternity and A&E wards at Macclesfield Hospital, and I want to improve local health services for the future.
  • Promoting local jobs. I want more jobs created locally so people can work in the area they live.
  • Good transport links. I fought successfully to get the regular direct train service between London and Wilmslow and to get the A34 bypass built. We need to make sure our transport links go on improving.
  • Protecting the local environment. I want more local homes so that people can afford to live in the area they grew up in – but I don’t want those homes built on our open green spaces.
  • Keeping our streets safe. I’ve worked with the Council and local police to help combat anti-social behaviour and to make sure we have more facilities for young people in communities, from Handforth to Alderley Edge, so they are kept fulfilled and engaged.

Five reasons why people should vote for me:

  • I have delivered improvements to the local area, from new train services, to a new bypass, to keeping hospital services and protecting jobs that were threatened.
  • I will be a strong voice at Westminster, and make sure that the needs of the local community are listened to.
  • I am always available to help with the problems of local constituents, and will continue to hold regular surgeries at Wilmslow Library.
  • I am part of a Conservative team whose policies on the economy and society would really benefit our local area – like stopping the jobs tax, helping the councils to freeze council tax and increasing the inheritance tax threshold to £1 million.
  • We need to change our Government because Britain can’t afford 5 more years of Gordon Brown. Only a vote for the Conservatives guarantees real change.


Richard Jackson Labour

  • Born Cheshire
  • Age 37
  • Home Wilmslow
  • Live with fiancee and 1 month old daughter
  • Went to primary school in Ashley, secondary school in Altrincham, studied veterinary science at Bristol University and completed diploma in Politics and Government with Open University
  • Occupation Vet
  • Hobbies & interests: Play tennis for Lindow Tennis Club, music, gardening, reading, Manchester United supporter and trustee of Mind, the UK's largest mental health charity

The five priorities I am focusing on in my campaign:

  • Securing the economic recovery
  • Backing local business and creating jobs
  • Cleaning up politics
  • Devolving more power locally
  • Protecting frontline services

Five reasons why people should vote for me:

  • I really care about this constituency. I was born here, raised here and have chosen to live my life here.
  • I declared my candidacy 3 years ago because I believe Tatton deserves better.
  • At the last General Election Labour came second and boundary changes since then have increased our vote.
  • I led the fight to get George Osborne to come clean on his expenses and have proved at every turn that I will fight for what is best for the people of Tatton.
  • Your choice is clear. Your best chance to replace Osborne with a dedicated, hard-working, truly local constituency MP is to vote for me.


David Lomax Liberal Democrat

  • Born Stockport
  • Age 54
  • Married to Hilary, together we run a bed & breakfast business in our converted church. I have 2 stepsons and 2 grand daughters
  • Head of Special Needs and Year 7 Tutor at New Mills School, High Peak, where I have taught for 25 years. I previously taught in a Special Needs School and was secretary of the Stockport Association for Special Education. I have also been a High Peak Borough councillor since 1991.
  • Hobbies & Interests: I enjoy sports, having played local league cricket, was secretary of a national league basketball club, and walking, with Monty my dog.

The five priorities I am focusing on in my campaign:

Liberal Democrats have put fairness at the heart of our manifesto.

  • We need to give our young people a fair start in life.
  • Promote a fair, green economy with life long training opportunities to meet the rapidly changing needs of the 21st Century.
  • Fair taxation nationally and locally; a fair provision of health services and care for a growing elderly population.
  • Above all we want a fair, clean political system that engages with and really represents the residents of Tatton.
  • Above all we need an MP who will be a real voice for Tatton.

Reasons why people should vote for me:

I was delighted when I was selected to fight Tatton. Whilst Tatton is classed as the most affluent constituency in the North West as you wander around the constituency you see there are some real contrasts in the area. The recession has certainly hit many people hard.

Perhaps the most visible aspect for most people is the High St., but there are many local businesses that have been forced to close, some just because they have been unable to get extra funding from the bank. Even the major employers in the area are also facing uncertainty. Escalating energy costs and reduced interest for savers have also hit people hard.

Sarah Flannery Independent

  • Born Hampshire
  • Age 51
  • Home After 26 years in Tatton, we downsized and moved from Pickmere to Davenham eight months ago - hardly any properties to choose from and at the time and I hadn't expected to be standing as a Parliamentary Candidate.
  • Happily married for 26 years with two fantastic daughters and a son-in-law
  • Educated at boarding school and university in Ireland
  • Occupation Advertising
  • Hobbies & interests: Amateur dramatics - from treading the boards to backstage, it's such a thrill being involved in a production. Not surprisingly, current affairs is also a passion. I also love travel, cooking, reading, theatre and film, walking, community affairs...

The five priorities I am focusing on in my campaign are:

  • Rural affairs
  • Young people
  • Families
  • Local businesses
  • Disillusioned voters

Five reasons why people should vote for me:

  • I'll put Tatton first to shape national policies on the ground. and champion local issues - voting issue by issue, not according to a Party line or lobby influence. 
  • Martin Bell is backing me and I'm very effective at bringing people together and getting things done.
  • Values backed by actions matter, so I've endorsed The Democracy Trust's Code of Conduct for MPs as the benchmark for a viable alternative to party politics. 
  • I'm approachable, honest and hardworking and I'll strive with you and for you for Tatton's benefit. 
  • Independents are a much-needed force for honest politics and our influence, especially in a hung parliament, will be substantial.

Michael George Gibson

  • Born Sussex
  • Divorced with two children
  • My secondary education was at the Durham School, where I was a King’s Scholar. I took a General Batchelor of Arts Degree of the London University in English Literature, Psychology and Aesthetics.
  • I have spent the last thirty years on the land as a gardener, and for ten years, something of a smallholder.

I don't fit the boxes very easily. I am not looking for votes but rather looking for a party to vote for. I would not claim to be a politician. But I have two great interests. One is in the land and its proper husbandry, and the other is in poetry and the proper husbandry of that.

I realise that others are better fitted to tackle the environment and other matters than I am but with regard to poetry I reckon to have a special expertise, especially in matters of rhythm.

I call myself a poetician and consider that there is a lot of muddled thinking in the field of poetry, and perhaps a growing disdain for the original craft principles.

Nobody is prepared to say what poetry truly is anymore. We are failing to teach children well enough in this respect. And this is a political concern.
We need to think clearly in matters of poetry as in all matters.

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Vin Sumner
Friday 30th April 2010 at 1:45 pm
A vote for the Conservatives would be vote to go back to a time of division and unfairness. Sadly, I see no other outcome here in Tatton.