Next phase of Lindow Moss restoration commences

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The second phase of restoration work at Lindow Moss begins on Monday, 6th February.

A group from Transition Wilmslow met with the contractor undertaking the restoration on Lindow Moss on Friday, 3rd February, where they were informed that work on the cut over peat bog on Lindow Moss will get underway, this week - so walkers will see the contractors and their vehicles on site over the next couple of months.

Pippa Jones of Transition Wilmslow explained "This will include work on the drains to raise water levels as well as clearing of vegetation to allow the landscape to return to the lowland bog habitat that is going to be so important for carbon capture, biodiversity and flood resilience.

"Water levels have been maintained since the work last year, despite the hot, dry summer, and a water vole survey in September showed that there has been no reduction in water vole presence despite the restoration work, and that the expansion of suitable habitat for water voles created by the restoration work should secure their long term future on the site."

She added "Transition Wilmslow members have undertaken surveys that confirmed the acidity of the water on the site is suitable to maintain a healthy peat bog and to increase amounts of sphagnum Moss and cotton grass."

A free workshop about the Moss will be held at Wilmslow Guild on Saturday 11th February led by Phil Barton, ecologist and artist, from 10.30am to 4pm for anyone who would like to know more about this extraordinary landscape. The day will include a walk on Lindow Moss. Register here:


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