Plans confirmed to mark Remembrance Sunday in Alderley Edge

Remembrance Sunday 2021

Plans have been confirmed for how Alderley Edge will mark Remembrance Day and honour our fallen this year, which will follow the new format introduced last year.

An outdoor Remembrance Service will be held at 3pm on Sunday 13th November which will last for around 20 minutes and take place in the Church gardens immediately behind the Cenotaph.

Once again, the service is a little different from previous years as there will be no marching or band. Nor will there be a road closure.

Councillor Mike Dudley-Jones, Chairman of Alderley Edge Parish Council said "Following our new format, we hope to see as many families as possible at this very special and moving service, held behind the Cenotaph and inside the Church grounds."

Refreshments will be served in the Union Club on Stevens Street immediately after the Service.

Alderley Edge Remembrance Day


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David Hadfield
Sunday 13th November 2022 at 1:44 pm
It's certainly a great shame that no parade or marching bands are attending again this year ..... this has been happening for many years until this year and last year .....
why is it being stopped ?
Is it due to Health & Safety ?
Or is it the cost of employing the police and others to block off the roads ?
(If that's the case, get a couple of Greta Thunbergs / Just For Oil fools to sit in the roads) ?
WHATEVER the reason, let's get the marching bands back for next year !
Mike Dudley-Jones
Wednesday 16th November 2022 at 5:50 pm
David, thank you for your post about Remembrance Sunday and the lack of a march through the Village accompanied by marching bands.

The Royal British Legion suggested that now that one hundred years have passed since Armistice Day in 1918, Remembrance Services might take on a different form and move away from the marching style of the past. Fewer and fewer residents in the village have seen military service and this seemed to us as a Parish to be a helpful way forward.

As you will know we asked the Village residents to let us know their feelings about a change at the end of the summer and none disagreed with the new service we started behind the Cenotaph but inside the church gardens in 2021. Nobody raised any issue with that decision. Last year’s service was well attended considering we were still subject to some anxiety through COVID.

This year, numbers were up considerably and those who attended were full of compliments for the Service which was solemn, sensitive and full of respect. The involvement of our local children from our Community Primary School again this year made the service particularly poignant. To me, that is an important part of keeping the Act of Remembrance relevant for the future.

I thought it went well - and as an ex soldier who has taken part in more marches at Remembrance Sunday over the years than I would care to mention, I have to say that the new style of service we have adopted sits well with me. Others may disagree - but when invited have said nothing!

I wondered what you felt about the service?