Wilmslow High students celebrate strong set of GCSE and BTEC results

Year 11 students at Wilmslow High School are celebrating impressive GCSE and BTEC results having achieved grades which are were well above the national average.

The percentage of students awarded the highest grade 9s was 10.7% compared with the national figure of 6.6%, while the percentage of results at grade 7 and above was 35.4% compared with the national figure of 26%.

This pattern can also be seen at grade 4 and higher (the threshold for progression to the next level of study in a subject), where the figure for Wilmslow High School is 81.6% compared with the national figure of 73%.

Twenty students achieved 6 or more grade 9s, with five students achieving this grade in all their subjects.

In celebrating the achievements of our young people, the Headteacher of Wilmslow High School, Dr J Pullé commented "Today brings a significant rite of passage in your life as you receive your GCSE and BTEC results, formally end your years of compulsory education and enter the stage of life where you and your
contemporaries will embark on a wider a range of journeys though further education, apprenticeship or employment.

"The opening years of the 2020s have been remarkably challenging, requiring you to show unprecedented creativity, commitment and determination. You have responded with great character and skill, and have been rewarded with excellent GCSE and BTEC results."

GCSE Results, Wilmslow High School