New Early Years’ Manager paints great future for Wilmslow Prep pupils

Rebecca Milne

Promotional Feature

As Wilmslow Preparatory School prepares for the new academic term in September 2022, they are thrilled to have appointed an award-winning Reception teacher as their new Early Years' Manager.

Heaton Chapel resident and mother of two boys, Rebecca Milne, began her teaching career at Wilmslow Prep in 2011, and has since taken great pleasure in teaching Kindergarten, Reception and Prep 1.

As a lover of all things creative, Rebecca launched her profession with teacher training specialising in Art and Design and Early Years. This included studying painting, printing, drawing, clay, welding and soldering - culminating in the creation of a seven-foot metal sculpture for her final piece.

Rebecca comments: "I'm thrilled to bring my creative passion to the role of Early Years' Manager for the Reception and Kindergarten pupils. I have always loved art ever since I was a little girl and children in my own classes have won first place awards at the National ISA Art Competition."

Rebecca began her career by volunteering in the Reception class at Wilmslow Prep in 2010 and went on to a role teaching Kindergarten in 2011. Rebecca has proven herself to be a flexible, adaptive teacher – dealing with a burst pipe in her first term and relocating the Prep 1 and 2 classes to the School hall demonstrated these skills!

"Every day in teaching brings new challenges and moments of pure joy. At Wilmslow Prep, children are fortunate to be part of a small, caring, and nurturing environment. They are encouraged to take risks, build resilience, and develop a sense of well-being. I am honoured to be part of such an experienced and enthusiastic team which aims to develop and encourage life experiences for the pupils."

Headteacher, Bradley Lavagna-Slater, comments on the appointment: "Rebecca has been an asset to the School since day one. Her enthusiasm and engaging approach to the roles she has undertaken have been wonderful. Additionally, the quality of the artwork displayed around the School has her stamp all over it. I know that parents will welcome her appointment."

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Photo caption: Rebecca Milne