Can You Divorce Like Adele?

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We all know that making the decision to divorce is incredibly hard. There is so much at stake and sometimes it can feel as though there is too much to sacrifice. However, this must be placed on balance against the simple question; has the marriage irretrievably broken down and is there any hope of a reconciliation?

It can be reassuring to take what others have been through to put things into perspective for your own circumstances and there is no reason not use the rich and famous as a point of reference.

Adele married her ex-husband in 2019. Within twelve months she is quoted to have made the decision that the marriage was at an end. By November 2021 the divorce had been finalised along with the arrangements for their child and finances resolved. That's quick by anyone's book.

What lessons can we draw from Adele's' decisiveness and how can this be applied to you? Very helpfully, that's exactly what her name can do...

Are you happy?

This is such a difficult question, and the answer you give may be different from one day to the next. Let's be honest, it is perfectly normal to be unhappy in any relationship at any given time. However, when the bad begins to outweigh the good, and other factors such as loneliness, lack of understanding from your spouse, not feeling listened to, financial strains amongst many more factors are all brought into play, it can certainly seem as though all hope is lost. Initially, couples therapy should be utilised in a hope that it can bring you closer together. However, there is an increasing frequency in this day and age whereby it is clear that the writing is on the wall, and when weighing everything up, separation is simply the best option.


Once you have made the decision that there is no hope of reconciliation, the divorce process can begin. We as family lawyers will want clear instructions from you. This in essence will become our goal and what we will be working our hardest to achieve to ensure that you get the best outcome that is available to you.


When considering the financial consequence of divorce, this will always be the Family Courts' expectation. It is important for there to be clarity and transparency regarding the contents of the "matrimonial pot" by way of financial disclosure from both husband and wife at the outset of proceedings and we will talk you through the many wide ranging options available to you within your specific matter.

Legal Process

There is of course a procedure set by law which must be followed and this applies not only to the divorce process but also child arrangements proceedings and as well as financial proceedings. We shall advise you on all of these legal avenues to make sure that you have all the advice and information you need in order for you to give us clear instructions.

Execution of documentation

Whether it be the online divorce process, the procedure regarding finances or an application in respect of the children of the family, there is a clear process that must be followed in order to save any delay and to make the process as streamlined and as cost effective as possible. We will be there to talk you through all these processes every step of the way.

Here at Nicholson Jones Sutton Solicitors we understand how difficult and upsetting a family breakdown can be. If you wish to talk to us further to take advice upon the difficulties you are experiencing, please get in touch with our Family Law Specialists for a no obligation telephone advice appointment.

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