Cyclists raise need for safer roads and crossings

Cyclists joined Transition Wilmslow and Cycle Wilmslow for two bike rides on Sunday, 31st October.

Riders also had the opportunity to chat with MP Esther McVey, the Mayor of Cheshire East Ciuncillor Sarah Pochin, Cheshire East's Champion for Walking and Cycling Councillor Suzie Akers-Smith and Cheshire East councillors Lata Anderson and Iain Macfarlane, and Councillor Martin Watkins, Chair of Wilmslow Town Council.

The first ride was the very peaceful green routes ride, a circular route taking in all the schools in Wilmslow while keeping to quiet roads, with just three challenging crossings at King's Road, Bedells Lane and Alderley Road, all of which have been raised with councillors as a priority for safer crossings.

The second was a longer ride along the new cycleway from the leisure centre to Alderley Park, using the new cycle path along Alderley Road, leading on to the path by the bypass.

Councillors Suzie Akers-Smith, Lata Anderson and Iain Macfarlane joined the team for this ride and are now aware of the difficult section just before Nether Alderley which is a priority for action if people are going to use this cycle path as it was intended.

Between the rides, they were joined by Esther McVey MP together with the Mayor of Cheshire East and the Chair of Wilmslow Town Council to discuss the need for safer roads and the introduction of 20 mph speed limits on residential roads to enable safe cycling to school, and action on crossing points.

Lisa Johnson, from Climate Conscious Wilmslow said: "My children are at the High School, and I would really like them to cycle to school, but at the moment I feel the roads are too dangerous. Moor Lane and Chapel Lane for example are both very busy with school students at the beginning and end of the day, but traffic can be very fast and the crossing points potentially dangerous.

"It would be wonderful if all of our children could feel safe cycling, as it's great for their mental and physical health and it sets them up to be confident cyclists later in life".

Brian Fox from Transition Wilmslow said, "20 mph speed limits on residential roads are now the norm in many parts of the country and we'd like to see our town become a place where parents are happy to walk or cycle to school with their children."

The rides were organised as part of the Festival of Nature which has been running in the lead up to COP26 and beyond, showing residents of Wilmslow how to enjoy their local surroundings whether on bike or on foot. There are still more events taking place including talks, poetry walks, the Repair Café and a Sustainable Fashion Fair.

Full details are on the website and all events are FREE to attend.

Festival of Nature