Caterers sought to provide mobile facility in Alderley Edge Park

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Plans to enable people to purchase refreshments whilst visiting Alderley Edge Park are moving forward again.

As I previously reported in 2020, Cheshire East Council is seeking expressions of interest for the provision of a mobile refreshment facility in the village park.

Councillor Craig Browne said "This is a project that I have been seeking to bring to fruition for several months, following a previous call for tenders last summer. On that occasion, the successful tenderer pulled out as it became clear that they were seeking to provide a permanent facility."

Contracts will be provisionally be from 1st June 2021 and valid for up to three years.

Councillor Browne added "I would like to thank ANSA (Parks Maintenance) for bringing this commercial opportunity forward in line with my request, as I am sure a mobile refreshment facility will be a great addition to the park and is something that will be welcomed by many residents and visitors.

"I am also pleased that this will also enable the public toilets next to the bowling hut to be re-opened, as part of the contract.

"Whilst I am very supportive of this opportunity, I will not have any direct involvement in the contracting process and that interested parties should take up any specific queries they may have directly with ANSA. I look forward to welcoming the successful contractor to our village park in the near future."

Further details can be found on Cheshire East Council's website.

The closing date for expressions of interest is 4pm on Friday 7th May.

Interested parties should submit their quotation and further details by email.

Alderley Edge Park


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Duncan Herald
Wednesday 21st April 2021 at 10:39 am
Re the abovementioned wish to see the public toilets be re-opened.
May I assume that these are the toilets in/used currently by the bowlers?
It has been tried before. Unhappily the public toilets being open let to the 'sub-humans' vandalism of them!

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