Cheshire East residents to have access to a range of lateral flow testing sites

Rapid covid test

Cheshire East residents will be able to access lateral flow testing through a range of testing sites that go live from Monday, 15th March.

Tests are open to all residents, but they must be pre-booked. No walk-up appointments will be available.

Lateral flow tests are designed to deliver targeted and focused, rapid testing for people without typical symptoms of Covid-19 but who may still be carrying the virus, undetected.

The test does not require laboratory processing and takes just 30 minutes to produce a result. The result is then sent to the individual via email and SMS confirmation within 45-60 minutes.

Regular testing of people without symptoms is important to help stop the virus spreading and protects your loved ones.

From Monday 15th March, lateral flow testing can be undertaken at five new asymptomatic testing sites;

  • Macclesfield Community Centre – Dukes Street, SK11 6UR;
  • New Life Church, Danesford Community Ctr, West Road, Congleton, CW12 4EU;
  • Wesley Centre, Sandbach – Wesley Avenue, CW11 1DG;
  • Middlewich Community Church – Brooks Lane, CW10 0JG; 
  • Prestbury Village Hall – Macclesfield Road, SK10 4BW

Testing is also available at selected pharmacies across Cheshire East. Residents can check for a participating pharmacy near them via this online booking facility.

Tests at both the asymptomatic testing sites and pharmacies are available on selected days of the week and must be booked in advanced using the online booking facility 

This booking facility is now live so residents can pre-book in advance of 15 March.

Residents struggling to book online can call the Cheshire East Council contact tracing team on 0300 123 5032, which will help residents to book an appointment slot.

Government guidance has been issued to advise that households and bubbles of pupils, students and staff of schools and colleges should get tested twice-weekly. This also includes the wider school community including bus drivers and after school club leaders.

People within this category can collect lateral flow testing kits from either of the council's two local testing sites from 1.30-7pm. These two sites are based at;

  • Crewe - Chester Street car park, CW1 2ER
  • Macclesfield - Commercial Road, SK10 2QJ

If people within this category cannot visit a testing site to collect kits, they can alternatively order kits online.

A positive result from a home testing kit does however require a second test in order to confirm the positive result. This must be a traditional Covid-19 test offered at the two testing sites in Crewe or Macclesfield, or a postal one ordered online. Although this is an inconvenience, it doesn't affect the 10-day isolation start date, which will commence after the lateral flow positive result itself.

This is not the case for a positive result from lateral flow tests carried out in a pharmacy or at an asymptomatic testing site. No confirmatory test is needed, and self-isolation must start immediately upon receiving the results.

Dr Matt Tyrer, director of public health for Cheshire East Council, said: "These new testing sites will enable us to deliver an effective screening programme to identify people who are asymptomatic but are unknowingly carrying the Covid-19 virus.

"The test is quick to take and provides rapid results in just 30 minutes. This means that when a negative result is received, that person can go about their normal day, within the current level of restrictions, and not have to isolate while waiting for results.

"The roll out of these rapid testing sites in Cheshire East does not replace the need for social distancing measures, good hand hygiene and the wearing of face masks. It's still important for residents to remember hands, face and space."



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Tony Haluradivth
Friday 12th March 2021 at 10:03 am
Numbers right down, cases right down, hospital admissions for Covid right down all cause for cautious optimism and celebration. I understand some employees and schools are making tests compulsory. BUT WHO IS BOOKING APPOINTMENTS and yet is healthy enough to drive to a centre and have one of these notoriously failed tests, especially if you have been innoculated. If you have hayfever which many suffer from you will quite likely get a FALSE POSITIVE. Please stop perpetuating this testing debacle and giving the Govt. an excuse to keep us under house arrest all year.
The vaccines are working but something is "up" in Westminster with Whitty now trashing vaccine efficacy by saying they may not be the panacea we hoped for. Mutants to a virus will be occurring daily we cannot hide away forever. Yes flu kills us oldies I know the risks and KNOW that a flu jab is not 100% guarantee of not dying.
We cannot allow the goalposts to be moved and allow those who have suffered badly through lockdown to be overlooked. Wales is opening up for Easter (not to us English mind as we are under different restrictions), Scotland is easing rules faster than us, and whilst deaths are plumetting (65) on one day last week (yes every death is sad) there was no praise for us Brits for obeying lockdown, no commending us for turning out for vaccines instead there were more admonishments, more doom and gloom from the Communist cohort at SAGE and further draconian travel restriction laws sneaked in by the Home Secretary as folk looked the other way at the Harry and Meghan soap opera.
If there is a 4th lockdown imposed in the Autumn when most of this country is double jabbed then I for one will not be complying and I dearly hope that shops Cafes ,Restaurants and small business also do not comply (there will be tons of support for you guys). It does appear there are some mentally disturbed folk who enjoy lockdown and would like it to be semi permanent. We must now ignore those people once the country is vaccinated and hope (like the Duchess of Sussex ) they get the best most caring mental help therapy they deserve. As I say some love lockdown and all it stands for and some have been scared senseless by the doom and gloom pushed by the MSM. I feel truly sorry for them and they can remain locked in their own homes if they choose to but they cannot and should not be allowed to be the screaming voices driving policies post vaccination and demanding more lockdown.

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