Local Covid-19 cases continue to rise in week following Christmas


The latest figures have been released showing that all local areas have once again seen a significant increase in Covid-19 cases compared to the previous week.

The map, produced by Public Health England, has been updated to show where the new coronavirus cases have been recorded during the 7 day period ending January 3rd.

The map breaks down areas by 'middle super output areas' and shows that the infection rate have more than doubled in some local areas including Alderley Edge where the infection rate per 100,000 people has reached 930.2.

These latest figures from Public Health England show the number of cases during the 7 day period and the infection rate per 100,000 people.

• Alderley Edge and Chelford – 77 930.2 (175%)

• Handforth and Dean Row – 58 533.6 (41.5%)

• Mobberley, Plumley and High Legh – 82 685.2 (110.3%)

• Wilmslow Town – 46 656.2 (100%)

• Lacey Green and Wilmslow Park - 45 681.5 (21.6%)

• Fulshaw Park and Lindow - 40 553.3 (60%)

• Prestbury and Adlington - 32 625.6 (52.4%)

% = change from previous 7 day period.

During this seven day period, Cheshire East had 1814 cases, which represents a 71.5% increase on the previous 7 days. The infection rate per 100,000 is 472.2.



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David Hadfield
Saturday 9th January 2021 at 11:57 am
Of course they're going to rise.
What does the Government think would happen when they have Tiers and Lockdowns for months on end, causing misery and confusion, then allow us 5 days of freedom over Christmas, (well, okay, eventually reduced to just the Christmas Day after much debate by them)

Misery for months, then one day's "freedom" to ruin all the effort by everyone.

Just what did they expect ?
Vin Sumner
Sunday 10th January 2021 at 11:22 am
Not sure people’s inability to count past 2. helps , nor the example shown by ‘famous’ folk
Alan Brough
Sunday 10th January 2021 at 6:51 pm
There’s something faintly idiotic about the notion that we should wait for the Govt. to direct us.

I don’t need the Govt to tell me to stay home, socially distance etc... it’s patently obvious that people are dying, that social interaction passes on the virus.

We all knew that the five days of Christmas freedom was going to be a big problem so we didn’t do it did we....???
Roy West
Sunday 10th January 2021 at 7:24 pm
Would someone tell me why Alderley Edge is the highest infection rate in Cheshire East?
We are supposed to be sensible educated people, but these figures do not support it.

Judging by the number of fireworks that were set off on New Years Eve there were numerous parties taking place despite the lockdown so what are the figures going to reach next week?
Jon Williams
Sunday 10th January 2021 at 10:17 pm
The number of migrants reaching the UK by boat was four times greater in 2020 than 2019, official figures have shown.

At least 8,400 people made the crossing in 2020 while the year before, 1,844 did.

And how many had Covid - 19
Vin Sumner
Sunday 10th January 2021 at 10:43 pm
As I cycle and walk around i see loads of rule bending around A/E so not a surprise ...
Yvonne Bentley
Monday 11th January 2021 at 10:59 am
During the first full lockdown last spring there were much fewer cars on the road and it was really noticeable. Currently, even at weekend, there was an awful lot of cars in the area on ‘essential’ journeys.
Fiona Doorbar
Monday 11th January 2021 at 11:14 am
Many many more are working as many many more businesses are open this ‘lockdown’ , that is the main reason for increase in cars imo.. Amazing how we no longer get shown the ‘next slide please’ of traffic and public transport volumes eh !?!
David Hadfield
Monday 11th January 2021 at 6:21 pm
Hi Roy West,
I have a good idea why Alderley is the highest infection rate in Cheshire East.
During the Tier 2 Lockdown a few weeks ago, many hundreds of day-trippers were coming here from Tier 3 areas all around us whereby their restaurants and bars were closed, as opposed to them all being open in Alderley Edge.
Dozens and dozens of youngsters were spilling out from all the bars and restaurants onto London Road, with absolutely no social distancing whatsoever.
On most evenings, dozens of taxis and private cars were parked halfway on the pavements, causing congestion, with many just parked outside the bars they were frequenting ..... talk about irresponsible ?
They treated it like New Years Eve every night !
Fiona Doorbar
Monday 11th January 2021 at 7:14 pm
Where is Mark Russell who called out several comments last month on the very same comment you raise David?
David Carey
Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 8:32 am
Nailed it Mr Hadfield in one
John Butler
Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 4:03 pm
By now there must be many millions of people who have had the virus, not just the reported positive cases. If these people are assuming they now have immunity then they are probably choosing to carry on normal life. Maybe accounts for some of them choosing to have Cheshire parties?
Nina Hindley
Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 4:47 pm
Jon williams, I don't think you can blame this one on migrants.
Helen Troup
Tuesday 12th January 2021 at 8:07 pm
Well said Nina and David.
Mark Russell
Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 12:51 am
Hi Fiona, still here! Either we are in a lockdown or we are not. Why don’t the police sit on the a34 roundabout by the Merlin. Pull random drivers over, if they are not key workers, boom fine it is. All this would stop within 24 hours. But as it is, we have local councillors doing what they want, and not sure how the police are enforcing the lockdown, as I never see them anywhere?
Fiona Doorbar
Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7:14 am
Hi Mark, Glad you are well. The guidelines were set out while we were in the tier system but you were quite clear about your views on ‘out of towners’ travelling in on the train etc. I totally agree with your point that local businesses may need the trade but businesses in other areas refused bookings from higher tiers and spot checked drinkers and diners upon arrival to try and protect their local area. Glad you have now changed your view on things. Stable door and horse spring to mind though tbh now . Stay safe n stay local. Oh and btw my husband has to travel 40 miles to work every day ....is he a key worker??!! What is a key worker??He is just following the guidelines and earning a living.
Mark Russell
Thursday 14th January 2021 at 11:03 am
Fiona. I have never agreed with the lockdown. But what I don’t understand is if the laws are here, why are they not being managed by the police. We can’t have a piecemeal arrangement. It’s black and white. Are you a key worker.... no. So why you driving around? Here’s a £200 fine. Easy question to ask, but nobody is managing it, and the clowns at the council want more restraint when they can’t manage the current rules. Police say they are super busy. I dont know what they are doing because I never see them anywhere.

I have talked about mitigation, getting on a train to another town is not mitigation. That’s exactly how this is being spread.

A key worker is someone who’s job is needed by law, eg a qualified person, or someone in the nhs, police etc. A shop worker for topps tiles, Costa et al are not and should not be at work. Quite easy to understand, but people are qing up to get a coffee? Idiots and it’s these people that need fining not the sensible ones who continue to work in sectors that ARE required.

I am a critical worker and do travel all over the north west. I have never caught covid because I mitigate the risks. But unfortunately there are millions who can not follow rules and have therefore caught it. We all know how it’s transmitted, so keep away from people and wear ppe when around them. Very simple, it works and means no need for lockdowns. It’s impossible to catch if you keep distance and cover your face. Unless I’m missing something?
Fiona Doorbar
Thursday 14th January 2021 at 12:49 pm
Mark, back in early December you were in favour of folk in higher tier areas piling into Wilmslow and Alderley.
Totally agree with most of the above , except the key worker point.....if you are in retail that is running click n collect, are you to risk your income by not turning in to work?
I wish they would address this issue as there are millions more working ‘behind doors’ than last years first lockdown imo. The numbers are proof that this supposed ‘lockdown’ isn’t as effective as the first.
Vince Chadwick
Thursday 14th January 2021 at 3:36 pm
"It’s impossible to catch if you keep distance and cover your face. Unless I’m missing something?"

Yes, you are missing something. Taking the recommended precautions greatly reduces the risk of catching it, particularly if everyone else does the same. But it does not reduce it to zero. That's why it's also important to minimise social contact.
Jon Williams
Thursday 14th January 2021 at 5:55 pm
Covid - 19 can also be passed on by contact (touching a contaminated surface)