Plans for mobile refreshment facility delayed


Plans to enable people to purchase refreshments whilst visiting Alderley Edge Park have been delayed as the Council seeks a new supplier.

Following a tender process during the summer, a franchise for the provision of a mobile refreshment facility in the park, to be located adjacent to the bandstand, was awarded to La Petite Frog, who have experience of running a similar facility at South Park in Macclesfield. However, they have subsequently had a change of heart.

Councillor Craig Browne explained "La Petite Frog, having responded to and won the tender for a mobile refreshment facility in the park, then decided that they wanted to do something quite different. Their revised plans involved dropping a large steel container unit (similar to those on the back of goods trains) in the park as a permanent fixture.

"Apart from the fact that this would have required planning permission as well as the installation of water, electricity and drainage services, we all (Parish Councillors and ANSA officers) felt that this would not create a positive visual impact on the park. As a result, La Petite Frog decided to pull out."

He added "A further tender was received when the original process was carried out during the course of the summer and ANSA officers are therefore now in discussion with that potential supplier to understand their needs and aspirations.

"I will provide a further update on this; however, pending the outcome of the discussions it may be necessary to re-run the tender exercise in the New Year."

Alderley Edge Park


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Duncan Herald
Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 1:16 pm
There was an attempt quite some time ago, to do something of this sort.
It was abandoned for reasons of cost
David Tyldesley
Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 5:07 pm
Does the council perform tender exercises for refreshment facilities in all its parks?

Bearing in mind the park is within minutes of retail places where refreshments can be purchased, is the resources to run this tender exercise best use of council resources?
Dean Morrison
Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 4:09 pm
Absolutely not. It’s not rocket science.