New lockdown restrictions as Cheshire East moves to 'high' risk


New lockdown restrictions will be implemented in Cheshire East on Wednesday, 14th October, following the Prime Minister's announcement of a new three-tier lockdown system which placed every city and town in the UK in one of three levels.

Cheshire East has been placed in the high (medium) tier - along with Cheshire West - which means pubs and restaurants are allowed to remain open but residents can no longer mix with people outside of their household or social bubble indoors.

However, you will still be able to meet people who are not from your household outdoors - whilst observing the existing Rule of Six.

The tier two lockdown rules are:

People from outside your bubble are not allowed inside your home (unless they are within your support bubble)

• You cannot go inside anyone else's home (unless they are within your support bubble)

• You cannot mix with people outside of your own household (or social bubble) indoors

• You can continue to mix with up to six people outdoors

• Social distancing and the 10pm curfew for hospitality remains.

The new lockdown restrictions will be reviewed every four weeks.