Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan submitted to Council

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Following a lot of evidence gathering and numerous consultations the Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Development Plan (AENDP) has now been finalised and submitted to Cheshire East Council.

This stage is known as Regulation 15 and the submitted plan includes a consultation statement, that sets out who has been consulted and how their views have informed the plan.

Now, Cheshire East Council will re-consult with the public, before the plan is subjected to an examination by an independent examiner.

Once any further amendments - if required - have been made, then the plan will be subject to a local referendum and, if there is a majority 'Yes' vote, it will be 'Made' by Cheshire East Council and used to determine planning applications in Alderley Edge until 2030.

The plan includes policies on housing, the local economy, the character and landscape of the village, as well as access and infrastructure, and community facilities.

Councillor Sarah Greenwood commented "Whilst the latest draft of the Cheshire East Council Local Plan is not allocating any Green Belt land around Alderley Edge for development, our work over the last two and a half years still has value in protecting the character of the village. That work has produced policies that will remain relevant for any planning applications for windfall brownfield sites, backland garden development and plot subdivision that may come forward up to 2030. We also believe that it will provide valuable guidance for any development that may follow after that time."

The plan, supporting documents and a summary of the Steering Group's responses to all previous consultation feedback, can be found on the website

Alderley Edge Neighbourhood Plan