Display your lockdown creations


Villagers are being invited to display the produce and craft products they have created during lockdown.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our regular Village Show was cancelled, along with may other local events, so members of the Alderley Edge Union Club on Stevens Street decided they would host an event to enable adults and children to exhibit what they have produced or created during lockdown, many of whom would not normally had the time to do so.

The event will take place on Saturday, 29th August, to coincide with their annual Macmillan coffee event.

Karen Robinson, President of the Union Club said "To make it as simple as possible there is no entry registration for exhibitors and no prizes or trophies. If they wish to put their names to there creations then they can do with pleasure.

"There will be a one way system in place around the club and a restriction to the number of people in at any given time. If the weather is fine then we will be able to hold the Macmillan event outside on the bowling green.

"We have had a few traders donate raffle prizes but the more the merrier."

Anybody wishing to exhibit should take their items to the Union Club between 9am and 11am on Saturday, 29th August. The show will open from 12pm for members of the public to look around. Tea, coffee, cake and sandwiches will be served and there will also be a raffle. All proceeds will go to Macmillan.

Door entry will be £1, children are free and, to follow government guidelines, addresses will be taken on the door.

For further information email Karen.

Alderley Edge Union Club


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Kelvin Briggs
Tuesday 25th August 2020 at 4:09 pm
Well done to Karen Robinson and the Union Club for spotting the opportunity for some sort of village show in 2020 after the Alderley Edge Allotment and Garden Society cancelled their 2020 show for understandable Covid 19 reasons .

It will be interesting to see if it’s business as usual in 2021 now the three village allotment sites will soon be operating as 3 separate autonomous groups.
Beech Close formed it’s own Ltd company 2 Dec 2019, choosing to leave the Alderley Edge Allotment and Gardens Society set up and have since been supported by a Parish Council grant.
Last week Chorley Hall Lane plot holders voted to also go it alone as a self governing group.

That leaves Heyes Lane going forward as the only site within the umbrella ‘ Alderley Edge Allotments and Gardens Society’ , going forward in its own.

One village, three independent allotment groups might raise a few eyebrows?

It’s to be hoped the three groups can find common ground going forward to run a 2021 village show.

Meanwhile, I’m taking a few fun large leek veggies along to the Union Club on Saturday to support the positive initiative of the Union Club folk and support the superb Macmillan organisation . Why not come along and support this wonderful group?
Fenton Simpson
Thursday 3rd September 2020 at 3:59 pm
It was great that some show happening and its understandable that the village show was cancelled this year, as a former Chairman of AEAGS and show manager I know how much work and financial risk went in to the show each year.

I'm not surprised the three sites have finally parted as its was on the cards for years but I'm not going to open that box of worms...

I changed the name of the show from "annual show" to Village show about Four years ago to encourage more non allotment holders to take part i.e. fellow villagers and more children's entries. This was in part due to dwindling entries from allotment holders, in particular the sites of Beech Close and Heyes Lane.

It always felt like a hopeless task in getting them to enter and support the Society who ran their sites and improve the perception of allotments to the rest of the village. Of course we could count on a few from those sites like Chris Yearsley to name one, but the perception was that it the Chorley hall Lane show. Which was not true or fair to suggest.

It just happened to be more of the show committee came from the Chorley Hall with help from a few good people in the village.

When I left the village the AEAGS constitution has three main responsibilities:

1. Run of behalf of the council the three allotment sites.

2. Organise the Annual show.

3. Promote horticulture and allotment gardens.

Given that AEAGS is now going to be Heyes Lane I cant see how the Village Show is going to continue next year.

I had suggested a few years ago that the village show should be taken or given away from the Society due to continuing disinterest of allotment holders and be ran by a separate group with the support of the parish council. I hope this does happen as I doubt we will see a 101st Village Show next year...