Travellers return to village after two hour stand-off with residents at Alderley Park

Residents blocked a group of travellers from entering Alderley Park in Nether Alderley on the evening of Monday, 22nd June.

Around 7pm a group of travellers, who had moved on from Alderley Edge Park, drove their caravans onto a grass area adjacent to some of the houses at the site.

The police and site security were called but residents determined not to allow access took the situation into their own hands by blocking the travellers with their own vehicles.

Following a two hour stand-off, during which two local residents were allegedly assaulted, the leader of the group agreed to turn around and the travellers left the site shortly after 9pm.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said "Officers attended the scene and on arrival they discovered a number of caravans were attempting to access the site and were being blocked by local residents.

"Following discussions between both parties the occupants of the caravans agreed to leave the site.

"Officers have also received reports of an assault at the site which is being investigated."

Having vacated Alderley Edge Park on Monday, 22nd June, after the police served them issued a section 61 notice ordering the occupants to leave the site by 11am on Tuesday 23rd June, the travellers have since returned to the village park where thirteen caravans have set up camp.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said "We are aware of a second unauthorised encampment at the park and officers are addressing this matter."