Police appeal following death of dogs after visiting Wilmslow parks

Police are appealing for information following recent reports on social media of dogs becoming ill or dying of suspected poisoning after visiting local parks.

Police Sergeant Lynsey Jackson said "Local PCSO James Hails has been in contact with the owners of the dogs and both have been referred for post mortems. Rat poison has not been confirmed in either death. The vets believe that there may be a canine illness that may be being passed from dog to dog. As soon as we are able to share any information with the consent of the owners we will.

"The police have not been directly contacted regarding these incidents however we are aware that various stories are circulating on social media. We have not been told that tennis balls have been involved although we have been notified of a ball being located that had a strange smell, we have advised that this ball gets destroyed.

"The deaths that have occurred did not involve a tennis ball."

Sgt Jackson added "We would like to appeal for any information from the community. And PCSO Hails can be contacted via any social media methods or via 101. The team have spoken to the council who have not been spraying any chemicals and officers have completed regular patrols in the park to reassure the community."

Bev Statom sadly lost her beloved dog on June 9th. That morning they went to Lacey Green Park as usual where something happened to Ted although Bev said "He didn't come into contact with any tennis balls."

Ted died in her arms in the afternoon of suspected poisoning.

She explained "It's going to take a few weeks to know what poison, if any killed Ted. My vet treated him for rat poisoning, because Ted died of massive internal bleeding but the test to confirm that takes a few weeks. However, the vet also thinks it could have been a virus that is affecting dogs."



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Chris Jones
Sunday 21st June 2020 at 9:56 pm
Strange to advise that the strange smelling ball be destroyed.
Would it not be best to test the ball to find if had been poisoned. I mean, I’m no Policeman and obviously neither are Cheshire Police.