Bollards not 'suitable to address the inconsiderate actions of those who choose to park illegally'


Following a local councillor's call for bollards to be introduced on Cliff Road, to prevent the obstructive parking which is forcing pedestrians onto the road, Cheshire East Council has confirmed that this action will not be taken.

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said: "We are aware of this long-standing issue and have been working actively with local ward member Councillor Stockton to address it.

"The parking restrictions that are already in place include the full width of the footways and this is an appropriate restriction for this location and situation.

"Civil enforcement officers have undertaken regular and more concentrated visits to the area over the past few weeks – but their remit of activity is limited to enforcing the parking restrictions. They have no power to move a vehicle nor deal with ones that are parked on the pavements or those causing obstructions.

"The council's parking team are in regular dialogue with the local Police Community Support Officer to pass on incidents of inconsiderate parking, where this is causing an obstruction.

"Should a vehicle cause an obstruction this is a police matter and should be reported to the police accordingly. There are, unfortunately, no engineering measures suitable to address the inconsiderate actions of those who choose to park inappropriately in this location that would not also adversely impact on pedestrian movement and safety on the footway.

"As always, we would ask that people park respectfully around the borough."

Cliff Road, The Carrs


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Adrian Scott
Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 3:17 pm
Talk about passing the buck !!! where there is an obvious safety risk to pedestrians, and there certainly is at this spot, action must be taken by the Police and Traffic Wardens. It only takes minutes to ticket vehicles therefore an hour, two or three times per week will soon curtail the illegal parking. I'm quite sure the Special Constabulary could assist in this respect and would be happoy to do so. Stop waffling and take action.
Andy Brown
Thursday 18th June 2020 at 1:58 pm
Those kerb stones which prevent buses from mounting the pavement (like those installed on the railway bridge in Alderley Edge) are what is required.