Reader's Letter : All year round Christmas light?


I pick litter as a volunteer for Alderley Edge in Bloom every Monday morning, the length of Wilmslow Road.

I see this lamp shining bright in broad daylight and wonder who is paying for it and wHat a waste of resource it is.

I tried to report it on the Cheshire East website but they do not identify the light as part of their responsibility.

Does anybody know who is responsible for it wasting money and electricity?

Reader's Letter


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Andy Brown
Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 7:37 am
I live on Horseshoe Lane and while it is a private road I've never heard of anyone other than the council being responsible for the street lighting.
Duncan Herald
Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 9:26 am
imho Cheshire East have been, for some time, trying to avoid responsibility and hence cost of lighting wherever they can.
I too live on Horseshoe Lane and have been told, by C.E., that as it is an unadopted road (not a private road) they are not responsible; they also won't clean/sweep the road.
If anyone wants to try when a light is either mis-timed or 'dead'; every light has its own code number and so can be inedtified to C.E. There is a map of lights/code numbers in A.E.somewhere on a C.E. site (I used to know it when I was a Parish Councillor, but I long ago forgot it).
Or ask your local C.E. Councillor to look into this for you?