Reader's Letter: Lidl attempts to rewrite planning conditions


Lidl Ltd store at Summerfield Dean Row; planning apps 17/3208M and the later revamped application 19/3096D.

There is considerable local & public concern with the current attitude and potential complete disregard for the planning approval conditions by the company.

The planning approval condition 11 clearly states that "Prior to the occupation of the approved retail store, measures to ensure that the exit only from the main car park is controlled shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The measures shall be implemented in accordance with the approved details prior to the occupation of the approved development. Reason: In the interests of highway safety."

At the moment no such control is available but is necessary to submit in good time before any opening for Local Planning approval in writing.

Similarly, approval condition 28 states "Prior to the first occupation of the development hereby approved a delivery management plan (including arrangements for limitations on the use of reversing alarms on the application site (particularly during early mornings / late evenings)) shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Reason: To safeguard the living conditions of the occupants of neighbouring properties."

However, we are seeing attempts by the company to alter these stipulations, as its latest planning submission, 19/3096D, states -


6. Lidl routinely schedule deliveries for those periods outside peak-trading hours or when the store is closed to customers completely. Logistically this makes their own operation much more efficient as staff are able to re-stock more easily when there are fewer customers in the store and deliveries arriving over night or during the early hours of the morning are less susceptible to delays on the network."

Planning permission was clearly granted on the basis of the Decision Notice pertaining to application 17/3208M which clearly stated that "deliveries shall only take place between 0700 and 2300 hours on any one day to safeguard the living conditions of neighbouring occupiers".

Lidl's latest renewed endeavour to thwart the above condition ,19/3096D, is a clear attempt to circumvent the original agreed planning requirements to deliver 24hours a day, every day of the year.

Lidl must abide by the delivery times set in Application for Approval 17/3208M.

No notification of the required "delivery management plan" that conforms to the delivery hours approved has thus far been received. The company clearly implies it will make deliveries solely at its convenience.

Rather than this application be left to the case officer to make his own decision, and in view of the lack of planning department approval supervision relating to this development, we suggest this application be referred to the appropriate planning board, not an individual planning officer.

The Decision Notice of 17/3208M clearly states planning conditions 11, 21 and 28 need to be satisfied prior to the first occupation of the development and planning conditions 13 needs to be satisfied prior to commencement of the development. Planning applications relating to these conditions have not been approved by the authority and therefore........

See the Decision Notice letter here.

Make your views known; go to the Cheshire East Council planning website, under planning app. 19/3096D to do so.

Manuel Golding on behlaf of Residents of Wilmslow

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