47 measures proposed to help solve Wilmslow's parking problems


Local residents and those who work in the town are being invited to have their say on nearly 50 proposals being put forward by Cheshire East Council to help resolve the parking problems in Wilmslow.

The Council has commissioned a review to gather evidence and understanding on the current parking situation in Wilmslow. The study has assessed the need for intervention, and has recommended 47 individual measures aimed to ensure that parking capacity supports the long-term viability of Wilmslow.

A Council Spokesperson said "The aim is to develop a Parking Strategy that supports the needs of residents, visitors, businesses and people who work in Wilmslow. Taking this approach will ensure parking compliments other transport provision in the town."

The evidence used for the review included data on car park use and Penalty Charge Notices, analysis of correspondence to the Council, plus on-street parking surveys and questionnaires.

The main findings of the review were:

  • There is high demand for off-street parking. 
  • Utilisation of short-stay (under 2 hours) parking is 312% i.e. 3 or 4 tickets are sold per space, per day. 
  • Long-stay utilisation (4+ hours) is between 79% and 91%
  • There is demand for parking – short and long stay - on local roads and residential streets
  • A high number of parking violations occur at centrally-located 'hotspots' and close to off-street car parks in Wilmslow.

A set of possible high-level interventions have been identified. These include:

  • Convert some long-stay car parks/spaces into short-stay spaces
  • Convert some short-stay spaces/car parks into long-stay parking
  • Remove existing parking restrictions from residential areas, where they are unnecessary
  • Introduce parking restrictions in residential areas, where they are needed
  • Introduce parking restrictions on main roads to reduce parking obstructions
  • Introducing charges for on-street parking spaces
  • Develop Park and Stride facilities
  • Develop Park and Ride facilities
  • Introduce Residents Parking Permit schemes
  • Increase / extend car park charges at existing car parks
  • Build additional car-parking spaces at existing car parks
  • Build additional car-parking spaces at a new car park

A Council Spokesperson said "A mix of these options will be needed to address parking pressures in Wilmslow. Due to the high demand for parking, it may be preferable for measures to be phased so that no parking is removed overall. Also, measures may best be phased to avoid parking problems being displaced from one street to another."

At this stage, measures have been indicated at 47 locations across Wilmslow, including decking on Broadway Meadow, providing additional spaces for long-stay at The Carrs, double yellow lines on Alderley Road from the Coach and Four to the King's Arms roundabout and introducing short stay parking bays on Buckingham Road, South Oak Lane, Altrincham Road and Lacey Green.

Other suggestions include double yellow lines on sections of Gravel Lane, Bedalls Lane, Knutsford Road, Manchester Road, Bourne Street, Nursery Lane, Stoney Lane,Nightingale Close, Leesway, Beech Lane, Lindfield Estate North, Alma Lane, Pownall Road, Chapel Lane, Hough Lane, New Street, Northward Road, Westward Road and a number of junctions across the town.

The introduction of residential parking permits are proposed for Old Road, River Street and Cliff Road.

Click here to view a table providing short descriptions of each measure.

Click here to view a pap showing all locations across Wilmslow.

Click here to read the full Wilmslow Parking Review report.

Residents, businesses, commuters and visitors are invited to consider the options identified so far by emailing [email protected]

This consultation runs for 6 weeks from today (Wednesday 30 January).

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Duncan Herald
Thursday 31st January 2019 at 10:45 am
Take care with residential parking; in A.E. it can mean 'empty' streets dufing the working day.
Allthough the lack of 'meter-persons' often means that non-res. people use the res. permit spaces!
Alan Brough
Friday 1st February 2019 at 1:38 pm
I'd just urge them to look to the (not too distant) future where electronic and driverless technology will revolutionise the way in which we travel and will completely change the way we think about parking.