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Soft Surfaces is a company based in Wilmslow, Cheshire which has expanded in the past four years by adapting its approach to online marketing. The core activities of the business focus on the installation of children's playgrounds, sports pitches and outdoor paving surfaces. Since being established in 1997, and particularly in the last 5 years, Soft Surfaces Ltd has seen massive developments thanks to their work with digital marketing strategies.

In the modern age, so many companies are struggling to keep up with the need to have an online presence. Just look at companies like Toys R Us and Woolworths, these are massive brands who failed to compete with the growing industry of online shopping. For small, local businesses, adapting to the digital world is vital. So many people find products and services through a Google search these days. If a potential customer can't find you this way, but they find your competitors instead, it's hard to compete.

Expanding Through Digital Marketing

In 2013, Soft Surfaces had four members of office staff and very little in the way of marketing. Since then, they have employed several apprentices who have completed digital marketing courses and become masters in key areas of content writing, link building and social media.

In fact, this area of the business has grown so much over the past four years that they have now created their own marketing sister company called Promo SEO Ltd. As well as taking care of websites and online strategies for Soft Surfaces, the Promo SEO team also pursue their own projects in various other industries. This has given them a broader knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content writing, web development and social media campaigns.

Not only has the improvement in online strategies enabled Soft Surfaces to take on more staff and deal with a much larger number of clients, it has also given Promo SEO the opportunity to thrive.

Digital Workshop and Work Experience

As well as employing a number of apprentices which have since become full time staff, Soft Surfaces and Promo SEO have also welcomed many students from local schools on work experience placements. By doing this they have made many connections within the local community and helped to give young people an experience of the working world.

In addition to this, the team are now running a Digital Workshop which aims to give young people an opportunity to learn about entering entrepreneurship or a role in online marketing. It teaches a range of skills which are vital for anyone thinking about a career in digital.

If you have a keen interest in any of the following, this training would be perfect for you:

Content writing Social media marketing Media and film Photography and editing Web development Search Engine Optimisation Web analytics and link building

Any experience in these areas would be ideal, whether it's through school or college, a part time job, or even your own personal hobbies and interests.

The company will be interviewing applicants in Wilmslow and surrounding areas, and offering places to those they feel could excel in the field. If you are successful after the interview stage you will be invited to take part in the workshop at the offices in Wilmslow.

For more details on what the workshop entails, or to find out how to apply, visit this page.

Where are the Companies at Now?

Since having four members of staff in one office room in 2013, the two sister companies have massively grown in size. They now have 20 office staff working across four rooms and they have even built a new floor onto their existing office building in order to create more room for expansion.

The new upstairs space contains a working area with several desks and a meeting table. There is also a kitchen and lounge with an outdoor terrace featuring artificial grass installed by Soft Surfaces themselves. This helps to create a functional workspace for both individual tasks and team projects.

Even though there have been many changes over the last few years, the development is still in its infancy and there is plenty more room for growth. In addition to the staff employed in-house at the Wilmslow office, the company also works with over 40 freelance writers, developers and online marketing specialists from various locations across the world.

Many of the Promo SEO team now work as middle managers assigning tasks to freelance staff. This has enabled them to scale the work tenfold compared to relying on in-house staff to complete every part of the work required.

Investing in the Digital World

Due to their hard work in developing an online presence through websites, SEO and social media, both companies have seen the benefits. The amount of time and investment which has gone into these projects is unheard of. The results mean that they are now in a better position than ever to offer training and work experience placements to young people from local schools and colleges.

Promo SEO are hoping to have created some of the biggest and best online entrepreneurs and companies in the UK over the coming years. Get in touch for more details on training courses, apprenticeships and vacancies which are now available.

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