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So, despite the vast majority of MP's rejecting Jeremy Corbyn as leader Labour Party members returned him to office with an even larger majority than he had before the election.
Regardless of the most aggressive PR exercise ever carried out by all major UK political parties to coerce the electorate into voting Remain the majority voted Leave.

With a plethora of experienced, articulate and educated Republican politicians running for the Presidency of the United States voters opted for the outrageous Donald Trump, a man repeatedly rejected by the party he represents.

The political elite are gnashing their teeth and wondering if the world has gone mad. Mr Cameron was so certain of victory in the Brexit campaign he had no Plan B whatsoever.

Mr Corbyn was a lame duck leader as far as the Parliamentary Labour Party was concerned, most of who publicly castigated him and/or resigned in a blaze of condemnation.

These events are not the work of public insanity but the widespread rejection of the political establishment. Donald Trump wasn't elected to be the Republican front-runner because of his genius. Appalling as he may be he was preferred to any 'insider'. The more the Establishment rejected him... the more votes he received.

Mr Corbyn is the ultimate outsider. Farther from Tony Blair's Cool Britannia he could not be. Labour politicians were happy to see him on the Leadership ballot at 500-1. They're not so happy now.

There's really nothing left to say about Brexit other than it defied the express wishes of the entire political establishment effectively ending the career of our Prime Minister and a Chancellor whose bullying inevitably led to tears (his).

There's a trend at work here but the political elite just don't get it. Voters are simply tired of a 'democracy' that does not work for them.

Cheshire East categorically stated they were instigating a Brownfield first policy. We all know what's happened since. We were informed the primary reason for building houses on the Greenbelt was to fulfil the national need for 'affordable homes.' Where are they?

Communities got shafted while developers connived, argued and bullied councils to build precisely what they wanted where they wanted. Those families desperate for affordable homes weren't on the agenda. If they were the numbers were tiny compared to the large expensive homes favoured by developers.

In the end Cheshire East neither protected the Greenbelt or provided affordable homes and will no doubt shrug their shoulders with the 'nothing we could do about it' mentality they resort to whenever they ignore the people they represent.

The political elite need to come out of denial before more Donald Trumps rise to power. Voters are desperate to have their views represented rather than dismissed by an arrogant political class.

If 80 percent of a 'public consultation vote against a building policy that ultimately gets approved are they supposed to see that as a victory for democracy?

When virtually no one agrees with the pay off packages CEC dole out to short term executives from taxpayers' money are they going to feel their opinions count?

The 'surprises' voters keep springing on the establishment are nothing more than rejection of the status quo shown in the only way left open to law abiding people.

It's time to make democracy do what it says on the tin.

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The Dogfather, Vic Barlow


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Alan Brough
Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 8:21 pm
This piece from Vic, combined with tonight's BBC programme "Who Spends Britain's Billions?'' really offers dark comfort for Council Tax payers.