Update on efforts to resolve village parking problems


Earlier this year, Alderley Edge Parish Council carried out a parking survey and review, which they hope to develop into a more comprehensive strategy addressing the current and future parking needs of the village.

Having received 431 responses to their parking consultation, of which 318 came from residents of the village whilst 113 were from non-residents, the Parish Council presented the results of the consultation and people's response to their proposals at a public meeting held in February.

At a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday, 5th September, Councillor Craig Browne provided the following update on the work that has been carried out in recent months to improve the parking situation.

Councillor Craig Browne said "At the start of the year, we put three main car parking options to the village: Chorley Hall Lane, Ryleys Lane and Heyes Lane. We provided costings for each, as well as the pros and cons, as well as a means for the village to give feeback, both online and on paper. We also proposed a programme of 'incremental gains' whereby we would look for small number of additional car parking spaces in on-street locations.

"Over recent months, I have been working with my fellow parish councillors on the Parking Working Group, Cheshire East Parking and other interested groups to explore some of these options further. Each of the proposed locations involves a loss of green space, which the Parish Council would be charged with finding a replacement for. In Alderley Edge, this is not easy, nor is the funding thereof.

"Next month, the car park on Ryleys Lane will be resurfaced and marked out by Cheshire East Parking at no cost to this Parish Council. We are also assured that a small number of additional spaces will be created as a result. This may seem like a small step, but getting this space formally recognised as a Car Park (something that we were previously told was impossible) is actually a huge step.

"There are also signs that Cheshire East may be willing to recognise the benefit of extending the Ryleys Lane Car Park towards the banking on Wilmslow Road, which is something that many people argued for in response to the Parking Survey earlier in the year. We believe there is a strong case for this and will continue to work with Cheshire East on this.

"We are continuing to explore options for a partial conversion of the Heyes Lane site for car parking. One option under consideration is for a two-deck car park, taking advantage of the low lying topography of the land. If we can manage to secure funding for this, it would enable us to deliver approximately 90 parking spaces, without any further encroachment onto the allotment site.

"For the moment, we have not progressed the Chorley Hall Lane proposal, but through the Local Area Highways Partnership, I have discussed the possibility of widening the footpath over Chorley Hall Lane Railway Bridge, making a section of Chorley Hall Lane one-way (between Greenlands Walk and Carlisle St) and creating up to a dozen new on-street parking spaces as a result.

"Whilst discussions and negotiations on these projects are ongoing, we have taken the view that more immediate and cost-effective gains can be achieved by creating additional on-street parking in strategic locations. To this end, I have taken the lead on creating an additional 15 spaces in locations such as South St, London Road & Stevens St, which have recently been reported on alderleyedge.com

"In addition, progress is being made on the state of our local roads. Resurfacing work has recently taken place on Brook Lane and Talbot Road, following on from Eaton Drive and Congleton Road last year. Further work will take place on Hough Lane later this week, whilst Heyes Lane should be improved next year and a detailed assessment for a mini-roundabout at Brook Lane will be completed by the end of December.

"All this is in the light of continued pressure on Cheshire East Council budgets, as the Revenue Support Grant they receive from Central Government is phased out. We will always receive criticism from some quarters, but we are grateful for the quiet support we receive from many residents, recognising the efforts we are making to try and resolve problems constructively and importantly, keeping everyone informed."

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Duncan Herald
Thursday 8th September 2016 at 11:16 am
Craig writes above that for any 'loss of green space' , the Parish Council would be 'charged with finding a replacement'.
I'm sure he's right, although the replacement part is news to me.

The old plan was to turn the Heyes Lane site into a car park and replace it with the former St. Hilary's games field. Is that not still a possibility i.e. would count as a replacement?
I believe that Cheshire East does now own the St. Hilary's field, having 'swopped' it for a piece of land that Chehsire East 'gave' to AESG.

Does the term 'charged' mean money or responsibility?

Anyone know the answer?