George Osborne replaced as Chancellor


Our Tatton MP is no longer the Chancellor of Exchequer following Teresa May's appointment as the country's new Prime Minister.

Mrs May announced her Cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday, 13th May, which included replacing George Osborne with Philip Hammond as Chancellor and appointing Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

George Osborne was elected in June 2001. He replaced Martin Bell and became the youngest Conservative MP in the House of Commons. 

At the May 2010 General Election, George was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer by the new Prime Minister, David Cameron.

George Osborne posted the following messages on Twitter:

"A sad, moving day to see my great friend @David_Cameron leave Downing St. He can be very proud of the job he's done and service he's given."

"It's been a privilege to be Chancellor these last 6 yrs. Others will judge - I hope I've left the economy in a better state than I found it."

"Thank you to everyone who's helped me do the job - my ministerial team, great special advisers, and the outstanding Treasury civil servants."

"Good luck to new Prime Minister @theresa_may & Chancellor @PHammondMP - they have my full support in the big challenge that lies ahead."

Speaking after last month's EU Referendum, which saw Britain vote to leave the European Union, George Osborne told "There's no question about me stopping being MP for Tatton. Whatever I do in politics, representing the constituents of Tatton in Parliament is the biggest honour and the responsibility I put first and foremost."

George Osborne


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David Hadfield
Thursday 14th July 2016 at 9:39 am
Osborne was toxic from the moment he tried his scaremongering tactics during the Referendum debacle ..... he instigated "Project Fear" and made all horror stories of this country going into breakdown if we voted to LEAVE ... as someone said "When does WW3 start" ?
He got his old friends from the IMF (Christine Lagarde) and the German Finance Ministry and others such as Obama to come and lecture us what will happen if we vote LEAVE.

Theresa May will be a great Prime Minister and she has already shown her steely determination over tough decisions to sack Osborne. He had to go and serves him right.

The new Prime Minister has also shown political astuteness by bringing in Remainers AND Brexiteers into her new Cabinet. She's a tough cookie and I feel very pleased she will be a Great Prime Minister and will make this country Great Britain once again.
She made a thoughtful and magnanimous speech upon taking office. Well Done TM.
Jon Williams
Saturday 16th July 2016 at 7:30 am
Tell him about the jobs going at the new car wash at the Kings Arms, then he can see what it's like to work on minimum wage.