Parish Council postpones public meeting on parking


Alderley Edge Parish Councilhas postponed a public meeting about their parking review which was scheduled to take place this week.

In February the Parish Council presented the results of their parking consultation and the responses received to the proposals which they put forward in January.

This was scheduled to be followed up with a Car Parking Review and Strategy meeting at the Festival Hall on Thursday, 7th April.

Councillor Mike Dudley-Jones explained "The Parish Council has decided to postpone this meeting as we believe it makes more sense for us to defer the update until the Parish Meeting on 9th May 2016.

"There is a very great deal under discussion at the moment and we feel that the outcome of these meetings will be of greater interest to the Village in early May rather than giving a piecemeal update now.

"The Parish Council still sees the car parking issue as very much their first priority."

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