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After the excesses of Christmas, many people will have begun their New Year's fitness programme with enthusiasm. It is about now that resolutions seem to waiver and discipline seems to drop. In many instances it can be that people lack the knowledge as what exactly brings the greatest gains and rewards when it comes to exercise.

Physiofit can help you get back on track with a Physiofit MOT screening. We will

  • identify where you are weak and tight
  • assess your posture and core strength
  • assess your movement patterns
  • teach you specific exercises that target your key areas ensuring success is faster and greater

Physiofit screenings are for all ages and abilities from children through to the young at heart where we have our very own later life programme.

We have specific sport screenings in running, horse riding, cycling, golf, cricket and swimming. We can adapt these screenings to any sport. Our team can get you performing better and reduce your injury risk.

This month we have discounted our running analysis to £75 so whether you are new to running or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from learning more about your running cadence, muscle imbalances and habits that are making your more susceptible to injury. Don't wait until you are in pain – be proactive.

We also have screening packages for kids as they grow. Young bodies need a different approach to adults and little regular stretching and strengthening sessions make all the difference in deterring growing pains. Children should have an MOT every 6 months, so with this in mind we have reduced all screening for under 18's during January to £75. Just like visiting the dentist to prevent decay, growing muscles need to be monitored to ensure that they are growing in a balanced and optimal alignment. It is especially important, now we are in an electronic age where kids spend a huge amount of their time stooped over computers and gadgets, that we monitor their posture regularly.

An MOT is not only for the sporty athletes; we have MOT packages for all ages to make sure you keep your body in tip top condition. If you have any anxieties about falling, especially now the ice has arrived, or are getting stiff or feel that you are losing some strength, we have individual and group classes to restore flexibility and confidence to all ages. We also offer cardiac rehab sessions for those at risk or recovering from heart issues.

There are always a few key things we see every year when people increase their exercise levels.

Overenthusiasm! – Too much too soon. If you do not take time to let your body adjust to the new loads being placed upon it, it will break down. One of the most common causes of tendon injuries is overload so start slowly and build up gradually.

No rest days - Make sure you factor in rest days. When you are new to exercise you will use many new muscles and these fatigue quite quickly. Try to rest for 1-2 days between sessions. It is said that we get stronger on the rest days so these are a vital part of training.

Lack of warm up/down - Warm up before you start with dynamic movements that replicate the sport you are about to do. Do not do static stretches before you exercise as these might mean a loss of power. Leave those until the end of your work out

Inappropriate footwear – Make sure your shoes are suitable for the job. Tennis shoes are not for running as they are too rigid and vice versa. We can advise of what footwear is best for your foot type. Heel height is important and can cause injury so not all feet can tolerate the new flatter style of shoe. Comfort is the greatest factor ...not colour!!

Lack of strength training – Whether you are a golfer, runner or cyclist, you need to do some specific strength exercise for muscles that assist your sport and those that get weaker as a result of your sport.

If you are interested in learning more about these areas of training or would like a screening please contact the clinic in Alderley Edge on 01625 590444 and book in to see one of the team.

Don't forget during January, a running analysis and screening is reduced from £99 to £75. All under 18's screenings are only £75 in January. Appointments must be booked taken during January and will be available during the day, on Saturdays and on specific evenings.

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