Winter is on its way: Don’t slip up install a Jigsaw winter care salt bin

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Snow and ice are an issue in winter, this winter more than most, according to the Met Office. Spreading salt on snowy or icy ground is a well established method of making surfaces fit to walk and drive on.

An innovative approach to the delivery of salt has been created by Jigsaw Property Care's division Jigsaw Winter Care. They will for one fixed price (from £85 plus VAT - £102 for a domestic bin) deliver a salt bin on loan for the winter, if required secure it to the ground, and fill it with 'white' salt, and provide a plastic scoop for spreading.

Jigsaw Winter Care will then keep your bin topped up at no additional cost for the whole of the winter. There are bins for domestic (stone coloured) or commercial use (yellow).

White salt is not ordinarily available in the DIY shops, but 'white salt' is a great deal cleaner than traditional rock salt. It is kind to car interiors and floor coverings in the house or shop.

Deliveries of the bins are already underway, as snow is about to fall on the region. Once winter is over and the frost and snow are over, Jigsaw will collect the bin, so you don't have to have it in your garden.

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Tel: 01625 460877 email: [email protected].

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