Reader's Letter: Why are police doing speed checks at the top of the hill?


Why on earth are the police doing speed checks literally at the top of the hill on the A34 as vehicles exit our village (Alderley Edge) right by the 40 mph sign?

They can't see the bottom of the hill by the De Trafford Arms, where people have complained, and essentially start to track your speed at a point where you've had to accelerate naturally as you're going up a hill and heading into a 40 mph zone.

We have people speeding through the centre of the village by the shops, near schools, on narrow roads etc yet they choose a wide open section with few houses, and mainly on one side of the road, yet they ignore the real trouble spots.

Come on, common sense please!!!!

Reader's Letter


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Sue Joseph
Tuesday 4th August 2015 at 5:48 pm
Couldn't agree more. Smacks of profiteering not a genuine regard for safety.
Terry Bowes
Wednesday 26th August 2015 at 6:26 am
How about because it is still a 30 limit!!