Barlow's Beef: Banking on a retirement bonus


The most disingenuous argument foisted on the British public recently is the theory that British banks must continue to pay grotesque bonuses or executives - who brought the UK to its knees in 2008 - might move abroad and do the same elsewhere.

Mmm... wonder how that would work in the avation industry. "You do realise, Prime Minister, that our national air traffic controllers who directed international arrivals to land on the M25 may take their talents overseas unless we reward them like Lottery winners."

Doesn't sound such a great argument now does it? So why are our politicians so reluctant to clamp down on the culture of greed and incompetence that almost bankrupted our country. Why are they still allowing high-risk casino banking with our savings?

Wouldn't be anything to do with their future employment aspirations would it? You don't think high-ranking politicians have plans to join the City and stick their heads in the trough as soon as they leave office do you?

Tony Blair didn't do that when he left Downing Street. No sir, he did not. After browbeating us into an illegal war costing thousands of lives he did the honourable thing and err... became a Peace Envoy. Granted the salary must have been reasonable as he's reputed to have amassed over £80M.

So there you go, at least one politician making an honest living.

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