Lap Dancing in Wilmslow?


With the furore over Dobbies/Tesco planning application it seems a greater monster has slipped through the net unnoticed (by me anyway).

I was quite horrified to read the front page of the Wilmslow Express (25/6/09) that a Gentleman's Club (ie, strip club) is to open on Grove Street. How on Earth had I missed that shocker!! Is this really what we want up the road in Wilmslow? 

I've been given to believe that Wilmslow, like Alderley Edge, is a 'desirable place to aspire to' and deemed within a 'golden triangle', which attracts visitors from surrounding areas. Are these the type of visitors we are wanting?



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Sharon Adams
Sunday 5th July 2009 at 6:11 pm
I also didn't know about this until recently. My husband thinks it is a super idea...I'm not sure if he is confused about the type of golden triangle you refer to. He's had to go for a lie down. Seriously though, I think if it is managed properly and run well it would inject some much needed energy and capital into the precinct. There is with any night life establishment an undesirable element but it needn't be seedy, it could be the opposite and bring in the corporate types that may have otherwise gone into Manchester for this style of entertainment. I'd rather this than Dobbies. Just a thought.
Joel Mahoney
Monday 6th July 2009 at 7:15 am
"Is this really what we want up the road in Wilmslow? "

I think I speak for most when I say yes. Yes it is. My only complaint would be having to get a taxi there, surely there is space for a Gentleman's Club in Alderley as well?
Marc Asquith
Monday 20th July 2009 at 6:05 pm
Since the establishment is not yet open, the headline photo above is clearly fake and staged - given the current budget restrictions of this website who are the models - Lisa and Martin ? ;)
Susan Holland
Monday 20th July 2009 at 10:49 pm
A lack of joined up thinking going on above I fear and naughty, naughty Marc; keep your fantasies to yourself.

I appreciate that some items are a little 'lighter' than others and think that adds variety to the site but comparing the ramifications of a lap dancing club opening with those of the potential Dobbie development is very poor.

What goes on behind closed doors is the affair of those indoors and having looked at other such establishments in Cheshire (very few) it seems that 'you pays your money and takes your choice'' ; a £5.00 entry fee is very revealing...

Life is all about making choices (standards if you want to be pompous!). If the importance of such developments (Dobbies) has been reduced to comparison with tantalising, semi clad ladies (men?) entertaining and titivating a few overworked sad and lonely souls then that is depressing; perhaps some of us should throw in the towel now and reveal all in an act of utter exasperation....
Kirsteen Peel
Friday 24th July 2009 at 10:04 am
Whilst I think Grove Street isn't really an appropriate venue for a "Gentleman's Club" I do accept the fact that (though these type of establishments to me seem very tacky) someone thinks there is a market for this. Time will tell in this particular instance.

I don't recall a lot of fuss being made when Yesterdays was operating in Alderley Edge? Personally I think it's location was much more appropriate than in the middle of a shopping street!

Live and let live...