A full complement of retailers required


Although I am not a resident of Alderley Edge I often spend time in the village with friends and family. One thing I have noticed is the distinct lack of decent shops. For example although there are two butchers, two delicatessens and a part-time baker, there is no greengrocer or fishmonger.

One of the key elements of a thriving high street is surely a wide range of traders and retailers. With such great produce on the 'Cheshire' doorstep, surely someone is going to spot the gap in the market and open something soon. Otherwise Alderley Edge will become a one trick pony, restaurants and high chic shops - not sustainable long-term.

Another area I would like see demolished and improved would be the Somerfield site. Not only does it look scrappy. What could work there is a multi-use site with underground parking, residential and retail or perhaps a gym for the great and the good of Alderley Edge to keep themselves toned and tanned.

Finally, make Alderley Edge as accessible as possible. Introduce ramps at all of its shops - The Post Office still resides in a store with several steep steps? Also look to bring boutique businesses into the area - think niche legal practices, PR, concierge etc. Develop - free WiFi for the masses ... and electric vehicle powerpoints.

Think local, think people and you're halfway there.



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Christine Munro
Tuesday 9th June 2009 at 1:15 pm
There is a fantastic fishmonger and a greengrocer who grows all his own products at the farmers market which is held in Alderley Edge each month. I organise the market and buy off them both every month so I can certainly recommend them. I do agree however, the village could do with some decent shops, perhaps then people would shop in Alderley Edge instead of going to Handforth Dean.
Steve Scott
Monday 15th June 2009 at 10:31 am
A traditional Greengrocers on London Road would be a very welcome addition to the village. I'm often forced into buying tired poor quality fruit and veg from Somerfield. In addition a bakery that opens more frequently than Wienholts would also be nice, Wienholts is very good, but the opening hours are so sporadic that whenever I want to buy something it always seems to be closed.