Proposed Garden World at Nether Alderley


Dobbies Garden Centres plc, which currently operates 24 garden centres across the UK, are planning to build a 69,000 sq ft gardening superstore on a 17 acre site in Nether Alderley. Dobbies plans for Garden World include: a modern garden centre, locally supplied farm food hall, restaurant, aquatics department, play area, 400 car parking spaces and an interactive garden-themed visitor attraction called the Greenhouse.


Dobbies will be working with S E Matthews and are seeking to draw on the approved planning permission for the relocation of the original Matthews Garden Centre (which was for another local site now considered undevelopable). Access to the Garden World will be via the new Frog Lane roundabout at the junction of the A34 and the new bypass.

Stuart Wright, Property Director at Dobbies, told us “We are delighted to be working with SE Matthews to draw on our combined horticultural expertise in order to submit a planning application for a garden centre of the highest quality.  We were established as a horticultural business in 1865 and the opportunity to build on SE Matthew’s 65 years of trading in Nether Alderley is very exciting.” Stuart Wright added: “We are looking forward to embarking on the public consultation process next week and engaging in a constructive dialogue with local residents about our proposals.”

This week Dobbies sent letters and questionnaires to 4,000 homes and public exhibitions of the proposals are being held on Wednesday 13th May at Nether Alderley Parish Hall and on Thursday 14th May at Alderley Edge Cricket Club on Moss Lane. Both exhibitions will run from 2pm - 8.30pm and representatives from Dobbies will be available to answer questions. Dobbies have stated that your feedback is an important part of preparing their planning application and will be considered before the application is submitted to Cheshire East Council.

Further information regarding the proposal and the online questionnaire can be found at Dobbies are requesting that any comments be submitted by Friday, May 22. What’s your view? A representative from Dobbies is now a member of so any comments you wish to post below will reach them.

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Susan Holland
Friday 8th May 2009 at 2:02 pm
This is surely the start of ribbon development; something local people have dreaded with the inception of the Alderley Bypass.

I have yet to view all the details of Dobbies preplanning proposals and will be at one of their exhibitions days next week but my initial response is; it is not Matthews, a small family run business but Tesco yet again - completely different and such big, incongruous, theme park type concerns are unsuited to the local area.

We are trying to retain and enhance what we have and all I can see currently is more traffic, more noise, more people and less countryside to enjoy.

What is the point of the bypass if all it doesnt improve our lives and as importantly, what about all those wealthy developers, waiting in the wings!

Stand up Alderley People and be counted!!, You dont have to accept such proposals and this could be the start of many more such developments; once those flood gates are opened, there will be no turning back!
Susan Holland
Monday 11th May 2009 at 8:09 am
If you would like to help stop this development please come to a meeting for all local residents at the home of Mr and Mrs Rodney Hamer - Bollington Grange, Congleton Rd, Nether Alderley at 7pm Tuesday 12th May. For further info contact or 07775 871749.

We can stop this but only if we fight - now!!
Yvonne Wrinch
Thursday 14th May 2009 at 5:28 pm
A much better site for the proposed Dobbies would be on land opposite Marks and Spencers at Handforth Dean.
Susan Holland
Friday 15th May 2009 at 6:25 am
I attended both exhibitions this week and apart from playing the Geraldine James character in 'Blott on the Landscape' told Dobbies that they should try going elsewhere, namely Handforth Dean. Frank Keegan also attended on Wednesday evening and indicated that he would sanction this. Does this mean that this could actually be a feasible proposition?

It all sounds a bit nibyish BUT Handforth Dean would be ideal for all sorts of reasons; what do we need to do to make it happen?
John Moylan
Thursday 21st May 2009 at 6:08 pm
I accessed the Dobbies website and lodged an objection to the development, in no uncertain terms. I am not able to attend protests but I would be willing to contribute to any concerted action to prevent this development. Maybe someone can provide information on how to defeat the proposals?
Susan Holland
Monday 1st June 2009 at 11:27 am
Dobbies/Tesco will be putting in an application this month - please write to the Planner involved, local Councillors and also join Rodney Hamer and his campaign - see above