Drivers issued with tickets for parking on pavements

The reoccurring problem with parking on Cliff Road, which has been safety hazard to wheelchair and pushchair users for many years, resurfaced this weekend with the return of warmer weather.

PCSOs issued seven Fixed Penalty Notices to vehicles obstructing Cliff Road during the afternoon on Sunday, 5th May.

Additionally, they advised approximately a dozen drivers about their parking responsibilities.

Cheshire East Council parking enforcement officers later attended and issued tickets for further offences.

In the summer of 2021 Wilmslow Town Council installed floral planters on the pavement at the bottom of Cliff Road in an attempt to discourage parking on the pavement.

They decided to take action because, whilst this problem started sometime ago, the regularity of such obstructive parking increased during the past two summers.

However, the planters were subsequently removed and relocated due to repeated vandalism.

PCSO Morris said "Clearly the long-term solution for this problem is to prevent vehicles from accessing the pavement, which I am hopeful the local authority will take action on and work is ongoing to encourage this going forward."

On Sunday a vehicle was also issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for obstructing the dropped kerb on Green Lane whilst another was given a FPN for obstructing the footpath on South Oak Lane.



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Steve Hughes
Thursday 9th May 2024 at 5:05 am
All good but when are the traffic wardens and officials going to deal with Camper Van that parks/obstructs the payement outside Alderley Thai. It’s an eye-soar and shows a complete lack of respect for fellow business owners, residents, shoppers and visitors, especially when the the vehicle is being ‘worked on’ in the day time, like it might be on a driveway.
Even if, the individual refuses to respect the village and continue to park like this, the wardens MUST enforce the parking laws to the strictest and, as is most of the time, when the camper van exceeds the demise of the property, it should be ticked, repeatedly.
I for one would be happy to sign a petition to urge the owner of the Camper Van to cease this selfish parking and or create a boycott of the business.
Simon Carden
Thursday 9th May 2024 at 6:41 am
Should have found an Aston to park on top of like they do in Wilmslow !
Like the colour blue by the way - sorry Stratstone must have been heartbreaking to happen to their new DB12
Diane Graham
Monday 20th May 2024 at 11:40 am
Where are the traffic water ends around Alderley Edge? Hardly ever see them!

I agree with S Hughes, besides being an eyesore its hard to view the oncoming traffic when leaving West Street onto London Road

Also, watched a self entitled (female) driver of a green Defender park partially across the entrance to South Street Car Park. She either parks there or she just dumps it over tow parking bays in the car park

Come on traffic wardens, come spend some time in the village, Im sure its worth your while!!

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