Brilliant mathematicians aim to shape tomorrow's world

Maths Nov 23

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The King's School's brilliant young mathematicians are hoping to figure out the challenges of new technology for future generations.

This year, King's had five students earn the prestigious Gold Award in the Mathematical Association's Senior Maths Challenge. While four pupils performed superbly in the separate Maths Olympiad for Girls.

Annabel Hawkins, 16, who was a Gold award winner in the Senior Maths Challenge with a Merit in the Girls Olympiad and wants to read Computer Science at university, said: "Mathematics is at the core of modern technology and is obviously essential to understanding Artificial Intelligence. The potential ramifications of AI can seem terrifying but I want to be part of the drive to ensure we can remove bias from the algorithms that drive AI. It's not that easy to do, but the consequences of failure could be catastrophic."

Jenny Wallace, 17, who achieved a Merit in the Olympiad and wants to study Physics, added: "Mathematics underpins the fundamental principles that govern the universe and is essential to our understanding of the physical world."

Daisy Webb, 16, who was a Gold Award winner in the Challenge with a Merit in the Olympiad and wants to read Medicine, said: "Whatever language you speak, numbers are a universal language and can be understood by everyone, wherever you live."

Madi Baxter, 17, who wants to study Natural Sciences at university and who got a Distinction in the Girls Olympiad, continued: "Maths is the basis of every other science subject and allows you to understand, analyse and use data."

While Fraser Day, 17, who got a Gold Award in the Senior Maths Challenge, and wants to read Computer Science, saw the subject opening up opportunities across the globe. He said: "Expertise in computing is applicable to almost every industry and will hopefully open up doors all around the world."

King's Mathematics Teacher Gareth Robinson said: "Year 11 pupils Robb Thomas and James Waters also achieved Gold awards in the Senior Maths Challenge. This is a fantastic achievement as the Senior Maths Challenge is predominantly aimed at sixth form students.

"These pupils have done superbly well to achieve so highly on both sets of challenges. The 2.5 hour Maths Olympiad for Girls contains extremely challenging questions and all the girls managed to achieve a merit or better on this. With the Senior Challenge, achieving Gold shows superb problem solving skills and an ability to think creatively with their solutions."

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