Installation of 20mph zone complete

Work to install a new 20mph zone in the village centre, which commenced on January 30th, is now complete.

The finally works to install 20mph 'lollipop' signs at the entrances to the zone on Congleton Road, Ryleys Lane, Macclesfield Road, Mottram Road, Heyes Lane, Wilmslow Road and Brook Lane will took place today (Friday, 10th March).

Work to create the 20mph zone included:

Three raised tables:

  • At the pelican crossing on London Road, close to the junction with Heyes Lane
  • At the pelican crossing on London Road, close to the junction with Brown Street
  • At the pelican crossing on Ryleys Lane, close to the junction with Church Lane (Alderley Edge Community Primary School)

Two speed tables:

  • On Congleton Road, adjacent to the De Trafford Arms pub
  • On Ryleys Lane, outside the entrance to The Ryleys School

Two speed cushions:

  • On Wilmslow Road, close to the entrance to Alderley Edge School for Girls (this was originally planned as a raised table at the pelican crossing, but engineers advised that the topography of the land and adjacent footpath at this location made that impractical, as there was a risk that it would have flooded the entrance to the school during heavy rain.)

Four speed roundels, with red textured road surface:

  • Two on the railway bridge on London Road/Wilmslow Road
  • Two on Congleton Road, between the de Trafford Arms & St Hilary's Park

Councillor Craig Browne told "I am pleased to see this important local scheme implemented and I would like to thank our contractors for completing the works on time. The scheme represents the culmination of over three years work and three rounds of public consultation, all of which demonstrated a high level of support among local residents.

"I believe the project is now helping to improve road safety around our village schools and will help create a calmer and more pleasant experience in the centre of our village, for residents, workers and visitors. Whilst I recognise that not everyone was in favour of this scheme, I would hope that everyone will recognise that we have benefitted from a substantial resurfacing of London Road as a result."

He added "Whilst some disruption was sadly unavoidable, at my request the final lining works on London Road and installation of the red textured sections on Wilmslow Road and Congleton Road were carried out on a weekday evening, rather than on a Saturday as had originally been planned."



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Andy Brown
Friday 10th March 2023 at 6:48 pm
What was the total cost of this project?
Ian Forde-Smith
Tuesday 14th March 2023 at 2:48 pm
I'd second that request for the total cost of the project !
Paul Wardle
Tuesday 14th March 2023 at 6:43 pm
Walking through village every day I don’t see any evidence of motorists slowing down!

Signage appears to be being completely ignored? In early stages the scheme needs effective policing.