NHS data reveals which GP practices see most patients in-person


Figures released on Thursday, 24th November, revealed how many GP appointments were carried out in person at all GP practices across England during October 2022.

The data from NHS Digital showed that 36.1 million appointments were estimated to have happened in October 2022, of which 4 million were Covid vaccinations delivered by a practice/PCN.

Nationally, 71.3% of all appointments in October 2022 were carried out face to face. Whilst 43.5% of all appointments in October 2022 were carried out by a GP and 23.7% were carried out by nurses.

Meanwhile, the data also shows that 38.9% of appointments in October 2022 took place on the same day that they were booked.

The experimental data is designed to provide an insight into the activity and usage of GP appointments and how primary care is impacted by seasonal pressures, such as winter. Supporting information and data quality guidance will be provided alongside the statistics.

The NHS Digital data shows how our local GP practices compare

Total appointments in October

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 3,865
  • Handforth Health Centre - 4,918
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 6,159
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 6,349
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery - 2,277

Number of face-to-face appointments

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 3,459
  • Handforth Health Centre - 3,389
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 4,512
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 5,842
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery - 1,751

Percentage of face-to-face appointments

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 89.5%
  • Handforth Health Centre - 68.9%
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 73.3%
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 92%
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery - 76.9%

Number of same day appointments

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 1,194
  • Handforth Health Centre - 1,888
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 2,300
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 2,508
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery - 1,039

Percentage of same day appointments

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 30.9%
  • Handforth Health Centre - 38.4%
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 37.3%
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 39.5%
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery - 45.6%

Number of appointments with a GP

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 1,851
  • Handforth Health Centre - 3,015
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 2,847
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 2,485
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery 2,221

Percentage of appointments with a GP

  • Alderley Edge Medical Centre - 47.9%
  • Handforth Health Centre - 61.3%
  • Kenmore Medical Centre - 46.2%
  • Wilmslow Health Centre - 39.1%
  • Wilmslow Road Surgery - 97.5%

Dr Amar Ahmed, Partner & GP Trainer at Wilmslow Health Centre said "These official NHS statistics come as no surprise and confirm the hard work and sacrifice of our staff throughout the pandemic.

"Despite the gruelling rise in workload, despite the hostility from certain sectors of the media, staff at Wilmslow Health Centre have risen to the challenge and stoically pushed on in keeping the service running despite workforce challenges and staff illness."

Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay said: "We promised to prioritise patients and improve access and that is exactly what we have done – and this is just the start.

"I am determined to make it easier for people to get an appointment with their GP practice when they need one and this will allow patients to make a more informed choice about the care they receive."

Minister of State for Health Neil O'Brien said: "This is about making sure patients can make genuine choices about where to access their care.

"More than 90% of a patient's direct experience of the NHS is through primary care and their GP practices so it is vital appointments are available when needed.

"This government reiterated its commitment to the NHS during the Autumn Statement and improving access to data is just the start."